COVID-19 UPDATE: What We Are Doing to Protect Our Clients

Every year at Thanksgiving we express our gratitude for all of life's blessings. There are so many things we are grateful for. We are blessed to have such wonderful clients and team members.  We are grateful that we can do what we love -- helping the victims of car and truck collisions - in a wonderful city in a great state in an amazing country. To show our gratitude, our firm enjoys giving back to our community throughout the year.

Which special charity we chose this Thanksgiving

While most of us will have plenty of food to eat tomorrow and will be safe and warm with our families, there are sadly many people in Tarrant County who don't know where they will eat or sleep. Our North Texas cities are not immune from poverty, homelessness, and mental health issues. It is heart-breaking that over 2,000 people live on the streets of Fort Worth. That is why we are supporting the Union Gospel Mission, a remarkable Christian organization.

Drinking and Driving Berenson Injury Law donated $5,000 to support Mothers Against Driving's Walk Like MADD in North Texas. The event took place at its national headquarters in Irving. MADD works hard to reduce the number of drunk driving collisions on our roads. Between its hard work and that of aggressive law enforcement, district attorneys and personal injury lawyers, our astronomical injury and fatality rate will continue to drop. This is an urgent problem in North Texas that must be addressed. Mr. Berenson has seen far too many car and truck wrecks that were caused by a drunk or stoned driver and wants to stop them from happening.

Today starts another year at this wonderful elementary school that Mr. Berenson adopted 17 years ago. To get its year off to a good start, Berenson Injury Law provided lunch for the faculty and staff last week. We will sponsor more events and assist the school during the coming year. We wanted to send all of our Dallas - Fort Worth area students our very best wishes for a successful and healthy school year. The last year and one-half since the pandemic started has been extremely difficult for students, teachers, and parents, to say the least. Here's hoping for the return to normalcy so that our children and teens can learn in a safe and happy environment.

Yesterday I delivered a delicious Mexican buffet to the teachers and staff at the North Side Fort Worth school that I adopted many years ago. It was Cinco de Mayo and also Teacher's Appreciation Week, two reasons to celebrate. The school is part of the Blue Zones Project and is trying to adopt healthier habits. The food was plant-based. It has been an incredibly challenging year for these hard-working professionals as they had to deal with their second school year during the pandemic. Many of the students are still learning remotely but the majority have been able to return under strict safety guidelines. I bought the school requested cleaning supplies when it opened in August. I know that everyone - especially our teachers and students - is looking forward to the return of normalcy. I believe that local businesses should support their communities to help make them stronger. I have been blessed to have so many wonderful clients over the last 40 years and am always looking for ways to contribute to our wonderful city.

Today the Cowtown Marathon generously brought its C.A.L.F. children's run to the school that I have sponsored for the past 17 years. The kids were excited to run or walk several laps around the school and compete against each other. The P.E. teacher said they had been training for weeks and that their play and sports have been very restricted due to Covid-19. It is hard to imagine how difficult the pandemic has been on them (and on their parents and teachers). It was very thoughtful that our wonderful Mayor Betsy Price took the time to come to show her support. Last evening, she led another Rolling Town Hall where she answered the questions of residents -- all on bicycles! I doubt there is another city that does this. She is not running for reelection after 10 years and we will all miss her.

The past week has been hellacious for millions of North Texans. Many people suddenly lost electricity and water. They froze and were hungry for days. Wind chill temperatures got as low as -10 degrees. Grocery stores were stripped bare of food. Water could not be found anywhere. People had to sleep in their cars with the motor running to stay warm. Many animals were abandoned. Black ice on the express lanes of Interstate 35 on February 11th at 6:00 a.m. caused a horrendous 133-vehicle crash that was the worst one in the history of Fort Worth. Even before hell froze over, too many people were suffering from the never-ending pandemic and bruised economy.

Today's donations

Mr. Berenson made donations to Meals on Wheels and the Humane Society to help out people and pets. Meals on Wheels cooks and delivers healthy food and provides valuable services to the elderly and disadvantaged residents of our city. The Humane Society rescues, neuters, operates on, and places thousands of helpless dogs, cats, and other animals for adoption each year. These are two of Mr. Berenson's favorite causes. He has supported these two non-profit organizations and many others over the past 40 years. Due to these crises that just keep on coming, Berenson Injury Law is working harder than ever to help our clients get the compensation they deserve after they have been injured in vehicle crashes. These are the only cases that we handle. Mr. Berenson has been board certified in the field of Personal Injury Trial Law since 1994 and has been practicing law here in Fort Worth since 1980. He moved to Texas in 1974 to attend the University of Texas at Austin and would never live in any other state. Although he wasn't born in Texas (he was born and raised in Nashville), he got here as fast as he could. He will continue to support the Fort Worth and North Texas community that he feels fortunate to live in.  

Berenson Injury Law sponsored a lunch catered by Central Market on Friday to thank the hard-working teachers and staff at the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School that Mr. Berenson adopted 16 years ago.

Our firm wanted to get their school year off to a good start on the first day in September by giving the staff and faculty lunch, so Friday was the bookend to an extraordinarily challenging semester. We also bought disinfectant and cleaning supplies and provided other support. Over the years, Mr. Berenson has tried to help the school out by
  • speaking at Career Days, graduations, and to different groups;
  • donating over $10,000.00 to the college scholarship program;
  • paying for registration fees for some children to participate in the Cowtown Marathon's Children's 5K race and others;
  • purchasing running clothes, t-shirts, socks, and pedometers;
  • running, walking and playing games with the students after-school;
  • giving requested gifts to a family before Christmas as an "Angel Tree" project; and
  • motivating the children to study hard, plan for a career, and graduate from high school, college, and/or professional school.
Mr. Berenson misses getting to put on his annual party where he throws out footballs and soccer balls and encourages the children to stay active over the winter break. He looks forward to doing this next year when things return to normal. Here is a photo from last year that seems like a lifetime ago.

The teachers and staff outdid themselves this year

This was an extremely challenging semester for all of our dedicated professionals in Fort Worth who work so hard to make sure our children are educated. In a normal year, they shape these young minds and help build a brighter future for them and our world without any frightening health issues. But with the hardships created by the coronavirus, what our educators have accomplished since March has been incredible. Having to teach children in person and others at home must have been twice as hard. Fort Worth has many good schools. Rufino Mendoza Elementary is a special one. It was built in 1910 as one of the first in Fort Worth and has long served the North Side. Berenson Injury Law hopes that all Fort Worth students have a fun and safe holiday break after the hardships they have endured this year and that more normal schooling can begin soon.

Why Berenson Injury Law has focused on food banks

Among the overlooked crises caused by COVID-19 is how many people do not have enough food to eat. An inconceivable 50 million Americans are now food-insecure. Too many people are struggling. This has been a serious problem for many years. Texas had the fourth highest number of elderly people who went to bed hungry each night -- and that was before the virus hit. Now that number is twice as high. We have seen the heart-breaking articles about the enormous lines of people getting food from local food banks. Our recent giveaways were national stories. And to make matters worse, food banks are about to be crippled when federal programs stop soon, at the worst possible time as the coronavirus surges out of control. COVID-19 particularly affects our elderly and minority citizens. This has forced many people to shelter in place, often in nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have been decimated by the virus. The Thanksgiving and now Christmas holidays must be especially lonely periods for many of them. Just as Americans need food assistance the most, our food banks face shortages

Meals on Wheels is an incredible group

Mr. Berenson just made another large gift to Meals on Wheels, his fifth contribution this year to a local food bank. For almost 50 years, its small army of volunteers has provided vital services to our senior citizens. They deliver an incredible 900,000 nutritious meals each year, make wellness and safety checks, and monitor diets and medications. Bravo to the people who take the time and risk their health to minister to the hungry. At this time of year, they are Santa's elves. The delivery person is sometimes the only contact the person has  with the outside world. This photograph was taken at this time last year as Mr. Berenson delivered food and he plans to do this again before Christmas. This was his firm's 10th donation this year to a non-profit organization. And on Friday, he is sponsoring another luncheon to thank the teachers and staff at the school he adopted many years ago. Over the past 40 years, Bill Berenson has been proud to support many other organizations. He enjoys supporting the wonderful Fort Worth community where he has lived and practiced law for over 40 years. We hope that you and your family are celebrating the holiday season and are staying safe.

Berenson Injury Law proudly donated to three of its favorite non-profit organizations today. Their budgets have unfortunately been slashed due to the pandemic.

Humane Society of North Texas

This wonderful organization has been a great place for North Texas residents to go to adopt dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Just in the first three months this year, it arranged over 3,200 adoptions and investigated 200 acts of animal cruelty. That's remarkable. The Humane Society also provides low-cost operations to neuter and spay pets and provides other services. It has made a huge number of local residents -- including the Berenson family - extremely happy since 1905. Keep up the good work!

Tarrant Area Food Bank

This essential group enables local residents who are food-insecure to get free groceries. The Food Bank is a clearinghouse for hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh and frozen foods that are donated by grocery stores, companies, and the community. The pandemic has caused the demand for donated food to quadruple at the same time that funding has shrunk. This is a serious problem that especially takes a toll on low-wage workers, large families, the injured, and the elderly. Our law firm frequently donates to the Food Bank and other food providers like Meals on Wheels.

Cowtown Marathon

The Cowtown was voted the best marathon in the United States this year, beating the legendary Boston Marathon. If this organization just staged its ambitious series of races (an ultramarathon, marathon, 10K and two 5Ks -- one just for children, the largest of its kind in the U.S.) every year, it would be impressive. But it does much more to make our community a more vibrant place. The profit from its race weekend funds the award-winning Children's Activities for Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) program that accomplishes these worthy goals:
  • pays the registration fees for over 5,000 children to enter the children's race;
  • distributes over 5,000 pairs of new running shoes and socks to students;
  • goes to 400 schools in our area to teach children about the fitness and healthy nutrition;
  • works with their physical education teachers to help train them to run or walk the 5K; and
  • sponsors running camps in the summer.
Mr. Berenson served on the C.A.L.F. Council for 10 years, volunteers at the race expo, and was a coach in the marathon training program. The marathon was his first one at age 40 and he ran it again in March at age 65 (with 56 others in between). He wants everyone to experience the joy of running and benefit of good health. These three groups support each other, making Fort Worth and North Texas an even better place to live. Please consider donating to your favorite organization.

Bill Berenson donated 2,500 meals yesterday to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to help support its largest-ever distribution. TAFB served 1,500 families which had lined up at Dickies Arena. Members of the Texas Air National Guard loaded dairy products, meat, and dried food into each vehicle. And as if that were not great enough, TAFB was also providing food at four other locations around Fort Worth. TAFB is holding an even larger event next Wednesday from 8:00 to noon at the new Texas Rangers stadium in Arlington. This is the fourth time this year that Mr. Berenson has contributed to a local food bank. The horrible pandemic has wrecked a lot of family budgets. So more and more people are having to rely on food banks like TAFB to feed their families. TAFB provides an amazing variety of services including mobile pantries, community gardens, nutrition education, cook training, social services, and delivery of food to those who are disabled or lack transportation. It serves Tarrant County and 12 others in North Texas. TAFB is headquartered down the street from our offices on University Drive. And it started in 1982 - the same year our firm did. It is unjust that we live in the richest country in the history of the world, in a state that is incredibly wealthy, but that there are so many people that cannot even afford to eat. And now millions of people have lost their job or had their hours reduced. A multitude of breadwinners now face difficult decisions on how to provide food for their families. Hunger affects people all over our country. Even before the pandemic, one out of six people in North Texas faced food insecurity and did not know where their next meal was coming from. Hunger can affect any one - our families, neighbors, friends, and fellow residents. But it brutally affects low-wage workers and those who are unemployed or underemployed, senior citizens and the injured. God bless the angels at our food banks for all that they do.

If you need help finding food to eat, please call TAFB at 817-534-0814.

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