Driver-of-Other-truck-549Alfredo’s story

Berenson Injury Law has successfully resolved a case for an 18-wheeler driver who was side-swiped by another tractor-trailer driver. This happened three years ago in Fort Worth early on Halloween morning.

The vehicles bumped where the lanes slowed and merged on Interstate 35 just north of downtown in the construction area (back then). Alfredo’s cab and trailer (which are pictured in the distance) and the other driver’s big rig (in the foreground) showed minor physical damage.


Yesterday it was fun going to the school I adopted many years ago to help the Cowtown Marathon. Its staff had come to the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School to give running shoes and socks to many students. I always enjoy being part of this Christmas in January because the children are so excited to get their gifts.

The Marathon pours over $200,000.00 each year into its charitable beneficiary, the Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) Program. This one-of-a-kind plan teaches our students the value of exercise, hard work, nutrition, and citizenship.

EDITED 2/10/20  The Marathon was just named as the best youth running program in the country by Running USA at the annual conference in Las Vegas this weekend. It was given a prize of $10,000 to invest into the C.A.L.F. Program. Congratulations to its Executive Director Heidi Swartz and her hard-working staff!

The staff goes to a whopping 125 schools and community centers and delivers an incredible 5,000 pairs of shoes and socks to underprivileged children. C.A.L.F. also pays for over 5,000 race registrations. Further, it helps train these kids so they can complete their own special children-only 5K race in late February. This is one of the largest races for youths in the U.S.

Every year, I pay for any child at my school, even their parents and teachers, to enter the race.

Thank you to the Cowtown Marathon for all that you do to help our students live better lives.

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Dickies-Arena-from-windowInspectors found that a main entry gate had failed safety codes but the glamorous new $540 million Dickies Arena – magnified from our law office’s windows – still opened in November. But one month later, a man who was on the overnight cleaning crew tragically died as a result of allowing that gate to remain in its dangerous condition. We described this horrific event in a previous blog.

In case you missed this story, on December 7th in the early morning hours, Juan Carlos Julian, Jr., 24, was locked out of the building. But even though safety regulations prevented someone from being able to reach through a locked gate, he stuck his arm through the iron bars to hit the nearby button to let himself inside. He was crushed to death after his arm was trapped.

To prevent this from happening, safety measures require that the open-close switch must be more than 10 feet away from the gate’s moving arm. They also require gates with gaps of more than two and one fourth inches have screened wire mesh. Fort Worth adopted this national building code.

But a city official admitted that the arena made a deal to allow it to open on time. The gate would remain as long as it was kept locked in an open position. That obviously didn’t happen.

A lawsuit has been filed in Dallas County by the man’s family against the company that runs the arena, Trail Drive Management Corp., and its two building contractors, The Beck Group and TDIndustries.

This was an accident just waiting to happen.

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To help those people who are researching a Fort Worth injury lawyer, we wanted to share these five new reviews our clients wrote on Google and Facebook — just in the last 24 hours!


 ***** Mr. B and his team were amazing from the very beginning until the end. They kept me updated on everything, even when I felt like giving up. I am truly thankful and happy with the results. Mr. B and his team deserve 100 stars!! Thank you for everything!

dickies-arenaFort Worth man crushed by gate at new arena

A report that was just released showed that Dickies Arena made at least 14 mistakes installing a gate. Tragically, this caused a hard-working man to lose his life. You have to wonder how safety inspectors failed to notice all of these obvious problems — and why there is such a lack of job safety in Texas.

Last month, Juan Carlos Julian, Jr., who was 24, was locked out of the building after a TCU basketball game. He was on the janitorial crew and needed to start working. He saw the on button through the gate and tried to let himself in. But his arm got wedged between the bars as the gate opened and he was crushed.

The man’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the arena’s management company and the building contractors. It has sought damages of more than one million dollars.

Workplace accidents can be devastating for the victims and their families. If you or someone you know have been the victim of a work accident, you need to contact a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer who can explain your legal rights and get you the justice that you deserve.

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New Year, same old results on our roads

New Year’s Eve, the holiday devoted to getting drunk, took its usual deadly toll in North Texas. Here are reports about the holiday’s DWI deaths in DFW and a related story about the poster child of drunk driving in North Texas – if not the country. These add to our dismal December drunk driving crashes.

Ethan Couch, who caused four DWI deaths in DFW and permanent paralysis to another teenager, is jailed

JFK-Fort-Worth-day-before-assassinationGoodbye 2010s

It is hard to believe that another decade is coming to an end. My, how time has flown, right?

As an example, Mr. Berenson was attending the board of directors meeting and annual convention of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association downtown at the Hilton Hotel last month. He loves history and old photographs and spotted this one that captured President Kennedy’s last morning in front of the hotel.

Our firm is filing suit on behalf of the family of a man who tragically lost his life when he was crashed into by a repeat-drunk driver.

The decedent was going to work when a pickup truck rear ended his vehicle at an extremely fast speed.

The drunk driver fled the scene but police helicopters located him and he was arrested for intoxication manslaughter. He has a long criminal history and we believe should be given a lengthy jail sentence.


We are all busy enjoying the holidays — some people too much. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road in Texas. With all the Christmas parties and football games, driving while intoxicated collisions increase. Too many people decide to get too drunk, drive too recklessly, and cause too many car crashes.

Latest driving while intoxicated collisions

Consider these heart-breaking stories from the past few days:

  • Today — a man who was driving his BMW the wrong way on Loop 820 West in Fort Worth was sentenced to 20 years in jail for intoxication manslaughter. This is the maximum sentence under the Texas Penal Code, Section 49.08. The drunk crashed head-on into the car of Moses Elizondo, a kind 21-year-old who was working late to make money to go back to college.
  • Yesterday morning at 10:30 a.m. — a drunk driver in Dallas veered off Avondale Avenue near Turtle Creek Boulevard in Dallas. He killed a 72 year-old-woman who was getting a little exercise walking on a raised sidewalk.  The driver of the black Audi was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. He had a prior DWI conviction in nearby Uptown a few years ago and made no attempt to help the woman he struck. This crash should be the poster child for why we must do more to crack down on DWIs.
  • Yesterday about 2:30 a.m.  — someone drove the wrong way on the Dallas North Tollway near Forest Lane and hit another vehicle.  Fortunately only the wrong-way driver was injured. Often these are high-speed crashes that seriously injure or take the lives of one or multiple people.
  • Last week –a wrong-way driver crashed into other vehicles at 3:30 a.m. on Interstate 30 near Riverside Drive in Fort Worth. That driver died and another motorist was injured.

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