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Saturday was another disastrous day on our area roads. Five people died and many others were injured in five deadly collisions.
  • North Fort Worth: an off-duty police officer was tragically killed when a man ran a red light on Boat Club Road and crashed into Euless Police Department Detective Alejandro Cervantes's car. The extremely intoxicated man also seriously injured the officer's wife and two sons, to make this story even more heart-breaking. The drunk driver had already crashed into another vehicle and was fleeing from that collision. He again tried to hit-and-run but was chased down by witnesses. His blood alcohol content was .144%, which is almost two times the legal limit. The bar that sold him the alcohol, Fuzzy's Tacos, is being investigated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for violating the Dramshop Act that forbids overserving customers. The drunk remains in jail with a $300,000 bond and has been charged with five counts including intoxication manslaughter. It is hard to believe that it was only 1:30 in the afternoon when this exemplary police officer lost his life at the hands of a criminal he would normally have been putting behind bars. Berenson Injury Law made a donation to the family's expenses fund.

Every year at Thanksgiving we express our gratitude for all of life's blessings. There are so many things we are grateful for. We are blessed to have such wonderful clients and team members.  We are grateful that we can do what we love -- helping the victims of car and truck collisions - in a wonderful city in a great state in an amazing country. To show our gratitude, our firm enjoys giving back to our community throughout the year.

Which special charity we chose this Thanksgiving

While most of us will have plenty of food to eat tomorrow and will be safe and warm with our families, there are sadly many people in Tarrant County who don't know where they will eat or sleep. Our North Texas cities are not immune from poverty, homelessness, and mental health issues. It is heart-breaking that over 2,000 people live on the streets of Fort Worth. That is why we are supporting the Union Gospel Mission, a remarkable Christian organization.

An injured passenger has the right to be compensated for his or her medical bills and other damages. But the legal process can be difficult and confusing, especially if you try to handle your case yourself. The insurance company adjuster and lawyer will not want to pay you what your claim is worth. Don't fall for these insurance company tricks. In the meantime, your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages will pile up. What should you do? As a personal injury lawyer, I have handled countless injured passenger cases. Here are answers to questions that my clients have asked me over the past 41 years that should help you.

1. What should I do after the collision?

Hit and Run

Texas pedestrian injuries and deaths have reached all-time highs. Sunday morning’s tragedy on Interstate 20 in Fort Worth was just the latest. Two young women tragically lost their lives and a man was injured after they were in a collision at 2:30 a.m. near McCart Avenue. The three had started to walk on the right shoulder to get assistance when they were crashed into. The police identified the victims as Isabel Vasquez, 20, and Allison Zarate, 12. We extend our sincere condolences to the families and have made a donation to their GoFundMe account.

Drinking and Driving Berenson Injury Law donated $5,000 to support Mothers Against Driving's Walk Like MADD in North Texas. The event took place at its national headquarters in Irving. MADD works hard to reduce the number of drunk driving collisions on our roads. Between its hard work and that of aggressive law enforcement, district attorneys and personal injury lawyers, our astronomical injury and fatality rate will continue to drop. This is an urgent problem in North Texas that must be addressed. Mr. Berenson has seen far too many car and truck wrecks that were caused by a drunk or stoned driver and wants to stop them from happening.

How much money can you receive for your injured finger or hand?

The hand is a very complex and fragile structure. It has many small parts that can easily be hurt including 27 bones, 34 muscles, 27 joints, and over 100 tendons and ligaments. After a car accident, people often suffer an injured finger or hand. The pain can be crippling and must be dealt with -- along with a lot of financial and legal concerns -- as soon as possible. If you are suffering from an injured finger or hand, you may be wondering

Press Release The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that William K. Berenson in Fort Worth has been selected for inclusion into its Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Texas. This is an honor given to only a select group of lawyers for their superior skills and qualifications in the field.  Membership in this exclusive organization is by invitation only and is limited to the top 100 attorneys in each state or region who have demonstrated excellence and have achieved outstanding results in their careers in either civil plaintiff or criminal defense law.

Today is North Texas Giving Day. Berenson Injury Law is continuing its long tradition of supporting our community. We are making donations to these charitable organizations ministering to those who need it the most.

The Women's Center of Fort Worth

The Women's Center was founded in 1979 (coincidentally the year Mr. Berenson graduated from law school in Dallas) to help people deal with crises, poverty, and violence.

What should you do about your shoulder injury?

No one ever expects to be in a car or truck collision but their brute force and high speed can easily hurt different parts of your body. You may have just suffered a shoulder injury. Your pain can be excruciating. And your financial damage can be serious if not handled properly. You can be left with huge medical bills, substantial lost wages, and other adverse effects. Fortunately, medical treatment and the passage of time often resolve someone's injury. We thought to write about this topic because we just resolved a case for a man who underwent an arthroscopic shoulder surgery and a man on a motorcycle was diagnosed yesterday with shoulder tears that will require surgery. We only represent people injured in collisions so we have seen countless people who have suffered a shoulder injury over the last 41 years.

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This post is for those readers who are looking for a good Fort Worth personal injury lawyer to handle their vehicle crash case in North Texas. We have many attorneys to choose from here. How do you decide who to hire? Naturally, you will want to know about their results and how happy their clients were with their service.  There is no better way to find out than by reading their client's reviews.
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