COVID-19 UPDATE: What We Are Doing to Protect Our Clients

Drinking and DrivingMemorial Day is the most dangerous weekend of the year

Yesterday marked Memorial Day when we honored those who died on battlefields to give us our precious freedom. But there is little remembrance of those who lose their lives on roads every day due to drunk or reckless drivers.

These victims need to be remembered. And the drunk and reckless drivers need to be stopped.

Car-wreck-Fort-Worth-scaledBerenson Injury Law has successfully obtained all available insurance proceeds for our client who sustained a serious injury in this car accident in Fort Worth last year.

Mike had served our country honorably and had returned to the workforce. He was driving home from his job when a woman cut him off at an intersection.

He was rushed to the hospital and later had to have several surgeries performed on his arm.

MedStar-ambulanceThe COVID-19 virus has forced most people to stay home. So you would assume that our North Texas roads, with less traffic than in decades, would be safer, right? Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Many innocent drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have recently been injured in scores of collisions. And expect a return to the 80,000 crashes we have in the Metroplex each year once the restrictions are lifted and normal traffic resumes.

DFW crashes this week

Here are a few of the local crashes that were reported online in the past week:

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In another sign of the epochal impact of the coronavirus, the Supreme Court is conducting its hearings via teleconference for the first time in its history.

But sadly, with all the high-tech wizardry that is available and expected in 2020, the nine justices and attorneys were still not able to be seen by the public.

The Texas Supreme Court and several Texas and federal courts of appeal have already conducted and livestreamed hearings on You Tube. And many other appellate courts have videotaped and audiotaped their hearings for years.

So it is hard to believe that the U.S. Supreme Court is the only branch of government that has always restricted Americans’ right to see it in action. It seems to be operating in a technological Stone Age.

In this video-drenched world, we take it for granted that we can watch everything. For example, try to imagine only listening to the impeachment hearings or a presidential news conference.

Still, allowing the public to finally get to hear the guarded justices ask questions was a quantum leap forward for the tradition-bound court.

It reminded me how my world opened up when I won a newfangled transistor radio when I was 10 years old in 1964!


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Bill Berenson has always strongly believed in community service and his law firm again made a donation to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Why he supports the Food Bank

This incredible non-profit organization performs so many critically needed jobs here in the Tarrant County area including

  • collecting and distributing food to those in need,
  • providing disaster relief,
  • teaching nutrition education,
  • ensuring that seniors have access to nutritious foods, and
  • helping people apply for SNAP and other government programs

Most of the Food Bank’s items are donated by grocery stores and other partners in the food industry. Companies, individuals and farmers help out tremendously. They have a small army of volunteers who collect, sort, box and carry the food to distribution points across 13 counties in North Texas.

The TAFB distributes perishable items like dairy and produce and also canned fruits and vegetables, rice, and peanut butter. An incredible 26 million pounds of fruits and vegetables were distributed last year. Unsold food is donated so it is not wasted.

The TAFB is top-rated by the Charity Navigator since it gives out almost all (95%) of the money and items collected and keeps its administrative costs to a minimum.

And it was started in 1982 – the same year Mr. Berenson opened his personal injury law firm in Fort Worth. He has maintained his primary office there in the 11-story Westbend One Tower on University Drive overlooking the Trinity River, just down the street from NTFB’s headquarters and warehouse.

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You need to be extra careful on the roads starting today

We are all glad that Governor Abbott has relaxed the quarantine and that many people are returning to jobs, stores, and restaurants. But we Texans have not driven much for the past few months, are antsy, and maybe even a little rusty. There were many more vehicles on the road this morning as Mr. Berenson drove to the office and saw many vehicles driving way too fast — almost like they wanted to be on the track of the Texas Motor Speedway. Unfortunately, we can unfortunately expect an increase in car and truck wrecks in the coming weeks. Statistics from Austin were just revealed that show that serious injuries from vehicle crashes actually increased during the last two months when driving was curtailed. So we wanted to give you ways to keep safe while driving to prevent you from being the victim of a Fort Worth car accident.

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During this catastrophic pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs. Now many Texans don’t have enough money to buy food for themselves and their families.

Sadly, several of our clients have contracted the virus. Others have told us they can’t even apply for unemployment benefits due to the crush of new applicants.

Mr. Berenson has donated 1,000 meals which will be delivered by Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County.

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charmin An 18-wheeler carrying boxes of now valuable toilet paper crashed outside of Dallas last week and caught on fire. Much of the precious cargo burned up.

We are surprised that drivers didn’t stop to try to grab rolls of it, the way you see after an armored truck crashes and money is flying everywhere.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Health InsuranceHere we are in the middle of a terrifying global epidemic. The death rate is spiraling. We have been ordered to stay home, for the most part. Yes, it’s frustrating. But some people somehow continue to drive around like normal.

It’s not just that they are probably spreading the coronavirus. They keep speeding, running red lights and stop signs, and texting while driving — and causing car and truck wrecks, engaging in road rage, and hitting pedestrians.

So even though many less people are allowed to be driving on DFW roads, personal injuries and wrongful deaths continue to happen. And we wonder if the quarantine is making some people drive even more recklessly than usual, as if nothing had changed.

For example, here are just a few of the crashes that happened here in the past week:

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We know that we are operating in scary times, so we at Berenson Injury Law thought we would try to brighten things up a little at the end of the week. This is funny, at least in our world of car and truck wrecks.

Man causes road mayhem when he teaches his best friend to drive

This week, police in Seattle gave chase to a car that was driving over 100 MPH and had crashed into several vehicles.

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