We Are All Plaintiffs In Lawsuit Over “The Catch” – Friday Humor?

Every Cowboys fan – and every Texan – is now a plaintiff in a lawsuit for damages suffered because of the bad call in last Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. 

As if it hasn’t already been a crazy year in the National Football League with the melodramas caused by Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and Michael Sams, now comes this fiasco. A inmate in a Colorado jail known for frivolous lawsuits has just filed a petition against the National Football League and its commissioner, director of officiating, and referee alleging that Dez Bryant did catch that ball last Sunday. He is seeking close to $89 billion in damages. Huh?

Plaintiffs named are “Terry C. Hendrix on behalf of Dez Bryant #88, All Dallas Cowboys Fans, and All People in or and from the Sovereign Republic of Texas.”

The Catch Seen Around The World

Dez Bryant
made a spectacular play. Or did he drop the ball under the NFL’s convoluted new rule? Many football
pundits consider the call the key in the
Cowboys’ loss against the Green Bay Packers. Bryant completed
the catch before the ball came loose. Sports journalists point out that, not only was the NFL replay center call incorrect, but also
inconsistent with calls made earlier in the season under similar
circumstances. In his lawsuit, Hendrix accuses the defendants of “fraud, theft and gross
stupidity in the face of an undeniable catch.” Of course, the suit will be tossed. Chapter 9 of the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Codes details the procedures and sanctions to be applied when frivolous lawsuits are filed.

But as sometimes happens, ridiculous cases can contain some truth. Although
the bad call doesn’t begin to rise to the level of fraud, continuing outrage may force the NFL to redraft its vague rule. 

Cowboys in the Courts This Year

Likewise, many people still question whether there was some truth to Jana Weckerly’s lawsuit against Jerry Jones, which was settled out of court last year. 

And sadly, we know that the criminal charges filed against Josh Brent who killed his close friend in a horrific DUI accident were all too true. 

What’s Next?

I predict a lawsuit will be filed by a Colts fan against the New England Patriots over Deflategate. Or by, well, who knows? Stay tuned.

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