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Articles Tagged with Uber Car Accident sharing services like Uber and Lyft are very popular in the fast-growing Dallas-Fort Worth area. But as more people are relying on them to get around, often when they have been out drinking, more of them are getting hurt in Uber and Lyft accidents when bad drivers cause crashes. Or they may be in the back seat when the vehicle is crashed into by another person who may not have any liability insurance or not enough coverage.

For example, early on Sunday morning a Lyft driver hit an Arlington bicycle officer near AT&T Stadium. The officer was on a marked bike with lights on a well lit street but the Lyft driver hit-and-ran.

And earlier this year, a woman received a multi-million dollar verdict in Dallas due to a defective seat belt design, but her permanent-paralysis-causing crash happened when her Uber driver ran a red light.

Your Uber and Lyft accident can cause you extensive damages

Just like with other auto accident injuries, the injuries you suffer due to a negligent Uber or Lyft driver have the potential to be very serious and even permanent. They can lead to surgeries that are caused by

  • Spinal cord damage,
  • Traumatic brain injuries,
  • Neck and back injuries, and
  • Broken bones

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With millions of people using ride share companies more and more people have been involved in an Uber Car Accident.

Uber Car Accident

In Dallas the outrageous story about the drunk assistant district attorney fired last week for abusing her Uber driver shined a local spotlight on these increasingly popular services.

The problem is that their drivers are less regulated than if they drove for other businesses. Anybody can drive. I get emails asking me if I would like to and you probably do as well. No training or testing is required and until four months ago, no background checks into the driver were performed in Texas.

Further these drivers can be distracted by looking at their GPS, drive as much as they want, and are paid bonuses for  increased pickups. It follows that distracted, untrained, and hurried  drivers can be accidents waiting to happen.

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