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President John F. Kennedy wrote a revolutionary Consumer Bill of Rights in 1962 which would have given Americans the new rights to be safe, informed, able to make good choices, and be heard as consumers.

Texas Bill of Rights

The U.S. Congress never approved it but the Texas Department of Insurance fortunately created its own version for insurance policyholders. The Texas Bill of Rights gives you rights that help you when you are:

  • Buying insurance
  • Cancelling or not renewing a policy
  • Filing a claim on your insurance
  • Enforcing your rights

Furthermore, insurance companies are prohibited from discriminating against you or unfairly using credit information to decide who to insure or how much of a premium to charge.

Did your automobile liability company give you a copy of the Texas Consumer Bill of Rights along with your policy? If it didn’t, it has already violated one of your rights as the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) requires all insurance companies to issue a copy to all of its policyholders.

The Texas Bill of Rights is not part of your policy but your insurance company must nonetheless abide by the rules it contains. It is extensive and filled with important information. You should review it before buying or amending your policy or if you think you have been treated unfairly.

When you are filing your claim and enforcing your rights as a consumer, how does this help you? Continue reading

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