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"No Refusal weekends" will now be all year longDrinking and Driving

Here's a fact you rarely hear: Texas is #1 in the U.S. for deaths caused by intoxicated drivers. Any one loss of life is tragic. Our figure of 886 is abysmal. So yesterday's announcement by the Tarrant County District Attorney's office that every weekend will now become a "No Refusal" weekend is certainly good news. Hopefully, the chances of being the victim of a Tarrant County DWI accident will be curtailed starting this Friday night. In the past, only a few weekends each year were designated as No Refusal Weekends, including New Year's Eve, Super Bowl, Labor Day, and several others when it was known there would be more DWIs than usual. But Dallas, San Antonio, and other cities and counties have cracked down on DWIs on every weekend for years. Currently in Tarrant County, if someone is stopped due to a police officer's suspicion that they are driving while intoxicated, they can refuse to undergo a breathalyzer or field sobriety test and be arrested. Texas is an "implied consent" state, meaning that a driver is presumed to have given permission to being tested by being issued a driver's license.A skilled lawyer can have the charges reduced or dismissed. Criminal defense lawyers in Tarrant County stay busy handling over 6,000 DWI charges filed last year. During No Refusal weekends, the officer immediately takes the suspected drunk driver to a police station. A magistrate is waiting to sign a search warrant and a nurse immediately draws blood and/or obtains a breath sample. This speeds up the process, which is critical since the longer it takes, the lower the driver's blood alcohol content becomes. Once the lab confirms that the .08% grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood threshold has been achieved, prosecutors obtain a 90% guilty verdict or plea bargain rate. North Texas is the epicenter of Texas drunk driving - which is saying a lot. If you add up Tarrant (1,534 DWI crashes), Dallas (2,191), Denton (545) and Collin (569) Counties, there were close to 5,000 DWI accidents last year just in these four counties. This is far higher than any other area, including Houston and its surrounding counties. Check out this map:  counties with most DWI crashes We have to stop the madness.

How alcohol causes vehicle crashes

Alcohol (and drugs) reduces the ability of the brain to function properly. It impairs vision, judgment, hand-eye and muscle coordination, and balance. Alcoholic beverages reduce the ability to perceive moving vehicles and judge their distances and speeds, basic requirements of driving safely. There is a direct correlation between the amount of alcohol and the effects on the central nervous system. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine. Criminal and civil courts use blood alcohol concentration levels for different purposes. While criminal courts exact punishment in jail sentences, fines, and loss of rights, civil courts enable the victim and their family to receive monetary compensation for their damages.

Why you should be so worried about this problem

The country is facing multiple crises and perhaps, you might think that DWIs are not a big deal or can be overlooked because they won't affect you. But consider these startling facts:
  • An American dies every 20 minutes from an alcohol-fueled collision;
  • 29 of us lose their lives each day at the hands of a drunk driver;
  • About 30 million Americans admit each year to driving while being intoxicated;
  • Alcohol-impaired drivers take the wheel over 300,000 times each day, but only 2,800 are estimated (less than 1%);
  • The typical drunk driver has already been intoxicated 80 times before they are finally (if ever) arrested;
  • One in three Americans will be involved in a DWI accident in their lifetime;
  • 54% of children who lose their lives in a alcohol-caused crash were driven by an intoxicated driver, usually their parents; and
  • Our country is the third worst in the world for driving while intoxicated.
Finally, Texas has more people who die in all kinds of traffic wrecks (3,615) than California, which has about 10 million more people. How is that possible

Other ways to cut the Tarrant County DWI accident rate

DWIs and DUIs are out of control in North Texas. Increasing No Refusal weekends is a step in the right direction. But our legislators, law enforcement and courts must do more to stem the epidemic, including the following:
  • Increase the number of police on the roads on weekends and nights;
  • Establish sobriety checkpoints at known bar areas like West 7th Street in Fort Worth or Uptown in Dallas;
  • Arrest and convict more drunk drivers and post these results on social media and in the press;
  • Expedite civil lawsuits against these drivers and publicize high verdicts to send a message that drunk driving will not be tolerated;
  • Require engine interlocks that cannot be easily evaded by convicted drunk drivers;
  • Make car manufacturers install software that detects drunk and stoned driving;
  • Lower the blood alcohol limit to .05% (it is 0% in many countries); and
  • Increase public funding for DWI prevention programs like Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which Mr. Berenson proudly supports.

Mr. Berenson takes on drunk drivers, their insurance companies, their employers, and the bars that overserve them

His law firm is filing a lawsuit on behalf of the family of a man who was horribly killed by a drunk driver last week. He is handling several others including this case and has represented many other victims and their families over the past 40 years. He is unfortunately all too familiar with the devastation and hardship that any car wreck can cause, but knows that a Tarrant County DWI accident can be horrific. Mr. Berenson has advocated for year-round No Refusal weekends and stronger DWI and traffic safety laws for years. He has served for years on the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) advisory board of directors for North Texas and supported this worth-while organization whose motto is "no more victims." MADD lobbies state legislatures to enhance drunk driving laws, supports victims and their families, and raises public awareness of this menace. Here are two posts Mr. Berenson has written for MADD's blog: Fort Worth injury attorney helps get drunk driving message out Pandemic has not stopped DWI epidemic If you have any questions about any car, truck, 18-wheeler, motorcycle, or pedestrian crash, please call us at 1-885-8585 or chat with us.

Another Saturday night, another Fort Worth DWI wreck

Three people tragically died in a Fort Worth DWI wreck when a drunk driver of a pickup truck speeding the wrong way crashed into their car on NE Loop 820. A father, mother and their 9-year-old daughter from Dallas died at the scene. The pickup truck driver was helicoptered to a hospital in Fort Worth with life-threatening injuries. He has been charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter with bond set at $100,000 per death. A lot of good that will do now. When will the next Fort Worth DWI wreck happen and how can we stop it?

Every Fort Worth DWI wreck is 100% preventable

Why? Because a driver is not legally allowed to drink and drive if their blood alcohol content is more than .08% -- which it usually is. If he or she has to drink, they can have a designated driver or Uber take them home, or better yet, never leave. We are clearly not doing enough to stop these tragedies from happening. Last year 618 people died in Texas in a DWI wreck, with 74 of them here in Tarrant and Dallas Counties. One person would be too many. Texas sadly is #1 in the U.S. in these urgent categories:
  • most drunk driving crashes,
  • most wrong way crashes, and
  • most distracted driving cases.

Wrong-way collisions

Although they only represent 3% of motor vehicle collisions, wrong-way crashes are often fatal due to their high speeds and head-on impacts. They are usually caused by an out of control pickup truck drivers crashing into a smaller cars or vehicles. A study by the National Transportation Safety Board found that almost two-thirds  were caused by drunk drivers where BAC's were typically over .15% (almost two times the legal limit). We have seen cases as high as .27%. They happen when a driver gets drunk, distracted, or falls asleep at the wheel. The driver enters a highway exit or crosses the median or line separating traffic directions. Texas has an outdated highway safety system and many poorly lit and designed rural highways  that add to the problem. These warning signs, for example, are highly ineffective. Much better alternatives and technology are available.

We must continue to support Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD can help stop a Fort Worth DWI wreck. Since it was founded by the mother of a teen killed in a alcohol-fueled collision 40 years ago, the fatality rate has been cut in half. This is why Bill Berenson is a top supporter of MADD. He believes it is an effective way to curb drunk driving and make our roads safer. Unfortunately, as the number of drunk drivers has increased 27%, donations and funding to MADD and all nonprofit organizations have greatly diminished.
Drunk Driving
There are many problems the world now faces and drunk driving may not seem as important in the chaos. But ask anybody who has lost someone or been injured in one and you will find out that there is a huge groundswell of support for tougher criminal and civil enforcement of our drunk driving laws. The Texas legislature meets again for its every other year session in January. It must take a serious look at enhancing our statutes and adding money to police departments and courts. We all want to be able to drive safely and not risk our lives just because a drunk gets behind the wheel and aims his truck at us. For the past 40 years, Berenson Injury Law has specialized in car, truck, tractor-trailer, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian collisions. We have helped many families who lost their loved ones or people who were injured in a Fort Worth DWI wreck like the one that happened here Saturday night.
For more information please read:  

This afternoon we enjoyed meeting with three women for our favorite part of our jobs: handing our clients large settlement checks! This horrible pandemic is made worse by all the reckless drivers in Dallas-Fort Worth who keep crashing into innocent victims and injuring them. You might assume that with fewer people on the roads, your chances of safely getting from Point A to Point B are excellent. But there are still thousands of crashes each month in North Texas. Statistics for this year are not yet available, but last year there were close to 90,000 reported collisions in Tarrant and Dallas Counties.  That is a frightening number. And now, some drivers are speeding faster and driving even more dangerously than ever with less vehicles to slow them down. This post is for the benefit of those who are researching the best Fort Worth car accident lawyer to hire for their case. Knowing about their past results and reading their reviews is one of the best ways to help you decide. We are blessed to have so many wonderful clients and are honored that they have written over 450 5-star reviews.

Client 1

Our young client (pictured above) was injured when a driver failed to stop at a stop sign and crashed into her car on Forest Park Boulevard, not far from our main office on University Drive. She went to her family doctor, then to a chiropractor 10 times with a neck and back strain/sprain. This was a very small case that we easily handle -- except for the fact that the other driver's tiny, difficult to work with company filed for receivership (bankruptcy) in March. We discussed how this affected hers and other clients' cases in a blog post in March. We continued to fight for our client and were able to get her a good recovery, which was not easy. Our client was thrilled and very nicely wrote this 5-star review on Google:
Mr. Berenson is kind, generous, and great to work with on my case!
He and his assistant Mr. Stan Hare were always keeping me updated on the status of my case and ended it with a great win on my end.

Client 2

Another young client was seriously hurt when an incredibly drunk driver crashed into the Jeep her mother was driving in Northwest Texas.  The collision was so violent that it knocked the Jeep off the road, then it rolled over several times before coming to a stop upside down. Then the drunk did what most do in these cases: he hit and ran. Fortunately, state troopers chased him down and arrested him. Let's hope they throw the book at him and keep him from driving on our Texas roads. What to do if you are in a hit-and-run collision We handle a lot of DWI crashes and they anger us more than any other kind of collision because they are so easily preventable:
  • Don't drink or do drugs.
  • If you do, don't drink/take drugs and drive.
  • Stay home and drink/do drugs.
  • If you somehow have to get smashed at a bar or restaurant, have a designated driver or take a Uber ride home.
If you don't, you are breaking the law and possibly killing someone because you are stupid. It's that simple. Our client had to be rushed to a hospital, but fortunately only suffered minor injures. She never went to a doctor or therapist for additional medical treatment. We were still able to make the other driver's two insurance companies pay maximum damages. We also maxed out the two policies for her mother. Then we made our client more money by slashing the hospital's bill. This resulted in an even bigger recovery for our client. She was very happy and wrote this 5-star review:            "I have been satisfied with all my services.          Shannon has been very lovely and Mr. Berenson has been great."  

Case 3

A grandmother (and the mother of a former client) was driving her two young grandsons in Arlington when a woman in a SUV tried to beat them through an intersection. The three were taken to a hospital with head, neck and back strains that quickly resolved. The three cases turned out very well and our clients were very happy.   In her 5-star review, the driver wrote that she was very pleased with our firm's professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value.

We can help you

It isn't just the personal attention, friendliness, and respect we give to each client. It's the results that we have delivered for the past 40 years. It's what what we live for. How do you measure results? From a financial perspective, we do the best job on these two fronts: (1) by working hard to force the insurance companies to pay or juries to award; and (2) by saving our clients as much money as possible for medical bills that legally have to be paid from the settlement or verdict, especially for hospital, Medicare or Medicare, or health insurance company subrogation liens. Just doing one or the other is not enough. Together, these two projects pay off big. We also cut and even waive our fees and do not charge our clients for various expenses. Today, we saved these women and their families a small fortune. (We have not used their names or other identifying information to protect their privacy.) If you have unfortunately been injured in a car, truck, motorcycle, or 18-wheeler crash in North Texas, please call us at 817-885-8000 (toll-free at 1-885-801-8585). Or email us and tell us how we can help you. Stay safe during these difficult times.

In a blow to the Texas legal community, Justice David L. Bridges was tragically killed in a horrific collision on Saturday night. Justice Bridges was driving on Interstate 30 when a 32-year-old woman, Megan Smith of Royse City, was driving the wrong way and hit his and another vehicle head-on. Smith was driving while intoxicated and was arrested for intoxication manslaughter. Justice Bridges, 65, was elected in 1996 to the 5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas. He was born in Fort Worth, according to his biography on the Texas Judicial Branch website. After graduating from Texas Tech law school, he served as an assistant District Attorney and as the Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the State Bar of Texas.

We extend our sincere condolences to the Justice's family.

Texas drunk driving crashes are an epidemic

DWI wrecks are the leading cause of fatalities in the Lone Star State. In 2019, statistics show there were almost 9,000 crashes caused by an intoxicated driver which killed almost 900 people. The drunk driver is often speeding in a pickup truck. Every one of these crashes is 100% preventable.

The coronavirus has not stopped reckless driving

You would think that with a lot fewer vehicles on our roads, car and truck crashes would have decreased substantially. However, the opposite has happened. Some drivers seem to feel like they can speed and drive more recklessly now that the roads are less busy. State statistics reveal that the fatality rate per mile driven has increased by a huge 14% this year. Police officers have issued more speeding citations for speeds over 150 miles per hour to people who must think that they were competing at last weekend's race at the Texas Motor Speedway. This is infuriating. We advocate for stronger drunk driving laws and tougher criminal and civil enforcement to make our roads safer. We truly hope that this terrible collision will motivate our lawmakers and justice system to make the changes we need to crack down on this public health crisis.

Drunk driving is a huge problem here, even during the pandemic

Drunk driving wrecks are the number one cause of fatalities on our Texas roads. They are usually high speed collisions often caused by immature men driving huge pickup trucks. Like almost every vehicle collision, they are 100% preventable. As a personal injury lawyer who has specialized in motor vehicle collisions for over 40 years, Bill Berenson has represented far too many victims of drunk driving wrecks, including the horrific "affluenza teen" case where his client was tragically paralyzed for life and four people tragically died. Drunk driving happens all the time in Texas. Alcohol and drug use has unfortunately become part of our culture. Department of Transportation statistics show that in 2018, there were about 4,000 drunk driving collisions just here in Tarrant and Dallas Counties that took the lives of 127 people. One of the best ways to prevent DWIs is to sue drunk drivers and the companies that hire them and go after the companies that insure them. That will force the drivers and those that can hold them accountable to force necessary changes, whether it is firing them from their jobs, making them get counseling, or raising their premiums/cancelling their insurance policies. We must also stop bars, restaurants, and retail establishments from over serving drivers, especially those less than 18 years old, and setting them loose on the roads.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is vital in this fight

This is why Bill Berenson is an avid supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This worthwhile nonprofit organization is the only group that raises awareness of the deadly danger of drunk driving, lobbies for stronger laws and enforcement of DWI laws, and provides support to the victims of drunk driving crashes and their families. MADD was founded by a remarkable woman who lost her daughter to a drunk driver 40 years ago. Since then, MADD has reduced drunk driving crashes by one-half, saved an estimated 370,000 lives, and prevented millions of injuries. This is a cause Bill is happy to support. For years, Bill has supported MADD financially, served on the advisory board of directors for North Texas (as the only representative from Tarrant County) and attended its events. He was honored to receive its Commitment Award in 2017. MADD has asked Bill to write blogs for its web site. This is the most recent one. Pandemic has not stopped DWI epidemic

Walk Like MADD was on Saturday

Bill participated in the annual Walk Like MADD. It raised more than $31,000 to support its many programs. Due to the pandemic, this year's event was virtual so participants could not meet to grieve and pledge to remove intoxicated drivers from North Texas roads. Bill was the Presenting Sponsor in previous years when the event was held in Fort Worth. Last year, he enjoyed attending the event in Irving and running in the 5K race. The photograph at the top was taken there.

DWIs are a 24/7 problem here in Texas, even now

During this catastrophic pandemic, a problem like drunk driving may seem unimportant to a lot of people. But any time you drive, especially late at night, you could be a victim. And although fewer people are driving due to the coronavirus, hundreds of drunks are still causing car crashes in the DFW area each month. For example, just this Saturday at 7:00 p.m., a past client of ours and his friend were crashed into by a man who admitted to drinking "at least two" over sized alcoholic beverages.
For more information about MADD's mission or to make a donation, go to Additional funds are needed so it can continue its important work.

10 ways to reduce drunk driving wrecks

We have advocated for stronger DWI and traffic safety laws and tougher enforcement of them for years. These must happen if we are to reduce the number of drunk driving collisions:
  • Conduct year-round "no refusal weekends" where drunk drivers cannot decline to have breath samples taken or blood drawn, not just on certain holiday weekends by a few counties;
  • Set up sobriety checkpoints on major roads on weekend nights;
  • Increase police officer patrols and require them to verify that liability insurance cards they are given are still in force and are not fraudulent;
  • Stop insurance companies from excluding drivers from policies;
  • Require engine interlocks for all offenders that cannot be evaded;
  • Force automakers to install Driver Alcohol Detection Systems and monitoring software to prevent reckless driving;
  • Lower the blood alcohol limit from .08% to .05%;
  • Require more television, radio, billboard, and social media PSAs and driver's education materials to increase alcohol and drug crash awareness;
  • Increase funding for government DWI prevention programs and MADD: and
  • File more criminal proceedings and civil lawsuits, stop allowing so many people to have their criminal charges plead down or dismissed, and publicize stiff jail sentences and high verdicts to send a message that drunk driving will be punished.

Berenson Injury Law gives back to the community

Bill and Berenson Injury Law are active in the Fort Worth and North Texas cities that we serve. Mr. Berenson cares about the safety of our community and believe that it is his civic duty to make this a better place to live. Here is more information about his community service. Bill moved to Fort Worth after he graduated from law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 1980 - the same year MADD was started - and raised his family here. He also runs and cycles on our roads and wants them to be safer.

Contact Berenson Injury Law to discuss what you can do if you are in a crash

If you or someone you know or love has been injured in North Texas in a motor vehicle crash, Bill and the team at Berenson Injury Law are here to help you. Our personal injury lawyer stands up for car wreck victims and their families. We are committed to fighting to holding drunk drivers responsible and getting our clients the compensation they deserve. And if you are worried that you will have to testify in court years from now, we are often successful in obtaining good recoveries of money in these crashes out of court so our clients can get more their money quicker. Our law firm has settled two DWI crash cases for substantial amounts in the past month, showing how common they are. A husband and his wife were in this truck and the wife was seriously injured when they were hit by a drunk driver on a Houston highway. And for someone shopping around to hire a good Fort Worth personal injury lawyer wondering if we can get the job done for you, this client just wrote this 5 star review on Google: "We were in a car accident which was not our fault. The at fault person’s insurance company was doing everything they could to get out of paying for our injuries. We hired Mr. Berenson & it was such a relief to let him deal with the other insurance company. Thank you to Mr. Berenson, Jessica and his team, you all made the process so easy and got us the settlement we deserved. We highly recommend Mr. Berenson." Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.  

With people staying home and driving less, you would hope that an unexpected benefit of the terrible pandemic is that car accidents decreased. They have -- but not as much as you would have expected. That's because drunk and reckless drivers never take a break. They even seem to be out in even greater numbers, possibly now that the roads are emptier and they can drive faster. Vehicle crashes are 100% preventable. If drivers followed basic traffic laws, they wouldn't happen and people wouldn't be rushed to ERs. But just in the last few days, the media has reported on a number of fatal wrecks all over the DFW area.

1. Mesquite

Early Friday morning: a drunk driver took the lives of his two passengers. Abraham Gutierrez was speeding when he crashed into the vehicle in front of him, causing both to flip upside down. The other driver was seriously injured and was rushed to a hospital. Gutierrez was arrested on two counts of intoxication manslaughter and one of intoxication assault. We hope he is sentenced to a long prison term, if for no other reason to send a message to other intoxicated drivers so they stay home and drink.

2. Dallas

Thursday evening: a hit-and-run killed a 61-year-old Dallas woman. De'Adrian King was speeding in the left lane of I-35 near Riverfront Boulevard, lost control, and crashed into the car driven by Angela Davis. Her car flew over the barrier and horrifically fell 30 feet. King ran away but eventually returned to the scene where he was arrested. "Dee" Davis was the daughter of Priscilla Davis, who was shot by millionaire Cullen Davis. He went to trial three times for the murder of several people and the attempted murder of Priscilla in the most sensational murder trials in the history of Fort Worth.

3. Arlington

Monday morning: a Mansfield woman tragically died in an Arlington crash. Mary Pe, who was 82-years-old, was the passenger in a Toyota Camry. Her driver disregarded the red light and hit a Jeep at the intersection of U.S. Highway 287 at Sublett Road, according to an Arlington Police Department release.

Other recent deadly crashes here

We wrote about other wrecks. There have been far too many others in our North Texas area. These have to stop. Latest hit-and-run in DFW heartbreaking Fort Worth woman killed after truck crashes into hotel Burleson drunk driving crash takes life of woman We extend our sincere condolences to the families of the deceased. Berenson Injury Law has represented the victims and families in far too many of these cases over the past 40 years. Until they stop, all you can do is hope you are not involved in one. If you unfortunately are, you should talk to a good personal injury lawyer who can explain how the complicated legal, insurance, and medical worlds and get the justice you deserve.

DWI-caused collisions

Every year Texas is on the top of the list for drunk driving deaths. In 2018, 3,639 people tragically lost their lives in these collisions in the Lone Star State. North Texas is at the epicenter of the driving while intoxicated crisis. Dallas County has almost the highest number of DWI crashes in Texas, not far behind Harris County (Houston) with its much greater population. Almost 500 drunk driving crashes happened in Tarrant and Dallas Counties last year. We have seen how these crashes are deadly or cause serious, permanent injuries and tremendous pain. That is because they are often high-speed and even head-on collisions where the drunk driver is often barreling down the road in an enormous pickup truck.

Hit-and-run crashes

These can be problematic. Usually the at-fault driver has liability insurance and we are able to force his or her insurance company to pay our clients for their damages. But when the driver hits-and-runs, it can obviously be difficult to find them. We pursue them by talking to the police and eyewitnesses. We hunt for surveillance video and employ computer data bases and use other information to find them. We also file a claim on or sue uninsured motorist, health, and other insurance companies.

Road rage wrecks 

A recent study show that 80% of drivers had exhibited extreme rage in the past year. This often escalates into violence. Road rage includes the following:
  • Cutting off, blocking, and tailgating another driver;
  • Yelling at, making obscene gestures and honking the horn;
  • Hitting another vehicle; and
  • Getting out of their vehicle to confront another driver.

Available damages

If you or someone you love are crashed into, you may be wondering who will pay your bills and how much money you can recover. That is a complicated question that can't be answered in a short blog, but generally you can get paid for the following damages:
  1. Medical bills and funeral expenses;
  2. Lost wages and benefits and damage to your earning capacity;
  3. Physical pain and emotional suffering;
  4. Scars;
  5. Disability;
  6. Impairment; and
  7. Punitive damages (on rare occasions)

Action we must take

We must figure out ways to end -- or at least curtail -- these five deadly behaviors that are just getting worse on our North Texas streets and highways:
  • Speeding;
  • Drunk and drugged driving;
  • Road raging;
  • Use of cell phones; and
  • Red-light running
Every day for the past 20 years, at least one person has died on Texas roads. And six Texas cities rank in the top 13 in the U.S. for the most traffic fatalities. The list is headed by Dallas. Funeral Mr. Berenson has advocated for stronger laws and increased law enforcement for many years. He serves on the advisory board of directors for Mothers Against Drunk Driving in North Texas and highway safety committees to try to make our roads safer. He has recovered damages for families and victims for over 40 years who were injured or died due to intoxicated, reckless, and negligent drivers. He only accepts collision cases. Car wrecks may not seem quite as important now due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, but at least the virus can be avoided with social distancing and masks. These collisions can't be avoided if you are driving down the road and a drunk or reckless motorist crashes into you.

Have you been injured in a car accident in North Texas? You should contact Berenson Injury Law today.

To learn the best way to proceed, please contact our Fort Worth personal injury lawyer by calling 817-885-8000 (toll-free at 1-885-801-8585 or by clicking on this link to schedule a free consultation. We will answer all of your questions and give you immediate solutions so that you can receive the compensation you deserve. Related posts: Representing family in fatal DWI crash Texas road rage: Wild West on wheels? Fatal car crashes by red light running at all time high

Late Saturday night a man struck an Alvarado woman with his vehicle in the 3300 block of Interstate 35 in Burleson.  She tragically suffered fatal injuries. The driver failed field sobriety tests and was charged with intoxicated manslaughter with a vehicle, according to news sources. We offer our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased victim and hope that the driver gets the maximum punishment allowed by Texas law.

Fatal Driving While Intoxicated Crashes in North Texas are a serious problem

A shocking 10,000 Texans lost their lives in DWI collisions in Texas from 2010 to 2017. This number increases each year. About 100 of the victims each year live in the DFW area.
North Texas is at the epicenter of the driving while intoxicated epidemic. Dallas County has almost the highest number of DWI crashes in Texas, not far behind Harris County (Houston) with its much greater population. This has to stop. And Saturday night's tragedy happened near the site of the notorious "Affluenza Teen" crash in 2013 that took the lives of four people and horrifically paralyzed a young man whom this firm represented. We understand that due to the ruinous pandemic and then the wave of protests against our country's sinister racial injustice, DWIs probably seem insignificant by comparison. But we cannot afford to overlook them. Take a look at these horrible statistics and information from the worthwhile organization that combats this deadly problem, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to learn more about this deadly problem that is entirely preventable.

We can help you

Berenson Injury Law has handled many wrongful death and driving while intoxicated collision cases over the past 40 years.
We are also proud to support Mothers Against Drunk Drivers in its worthy goal of No More Victims. Please contact us by calling 1-888-801-8585 or by clicking here if you have any questions about any motor vehicle collision. We only handle these cases. Here are some of the hundreds of 5-star reviews that our clients have written in case you are researching the best Fort Worth car accident lawyer to help you with your collision case.
We posted this article to provide access to news-worthy stories and information that may be of interest to people who visit this website, but no legal relationship is formed until a contract is signed for legal representation.

We are living through unprecedented chaos. Violent protests against racism and injustice coupled with the grim pandemic have rocked our country. Our hearts go out to everyone who is hurting and frightened, especially in the minority communities that are the disproportionately the victims of these two disastrous plagues that have beset the world. So the last thing we needed to see happen this weekend was this horrific crash that took the life of a woman of color. A 16-year-old male stole a truck and was driving recklessly in a parking lot in north Fort Worth when his truck hit a car. He kept driving and crashed the truck into the wall of the HomeTowne Suites. An employee who was inside a room named Maria Mancha tragically died. The teen hit-and-ran, was chased to a nearby hotel, and was arrested. We extend our sincere condolences to the family of Ms. Mancha. You can assume the teenager has no liability insurance or assets. What causes a crash case like this and what can you do if it happens to you?

Vehicle-Into-Building Crash Causes

They are such a big problem that ABC News reported on this serious topic. The videos on this clip are frightening. There are 20,000 vehicle-into-building crashes every year in our country -- about 60 a day -- that take the lives of 500 people and injure 4,000 others. Research shows that about half are caused by operator error, usually pressing the wrong pedal by mistake. But there are other causes including driving while intoxicated and still others that can't be explained, like the one on Sunday. These crashes can happen in different settings. Often a driver is arriving at or leaving a building or residence. Others happen when structures are located on busy roads, at T-shaped intersections, or curves in a road and a speeding driver loses control of their vehicle.

Liability for injuries where vehicle crashes into a building or home

There are various factors that affect the amount of money a victim can receive. The key to all personal injury cases is liability. An immediate investigation is essential. The police and witnesses need to be contacted, photographs and measurements taken, and critical evidence obtained. Intentional acts are excluded under liability insurance policies and medical emergencies, e.g. a diabetic black-out, or poor weather conditions, e.g. ice, can be too.
Building owners can occasionally be found liable if they knew there were prior safety issues. 

Consult With An Experienced Lawyer After A Serious Crash

Bill Berenson has represented the victims in similar crashes over the last 40 years. Some of his clients have been sitting or sleeping inside their homes, businesses, stores, and restaurants when they were hit by vehicles. Others have been standing outside of buildings or simply walking down a sidewalk or street. Several months ago Mr. Berenson successfully resolved a case for a man asleep in his house in Fort Worth when the truck pictured above crashed into it. The total recovered was $102,500.00, the full insurance policies from all available sources. (The net amount received by his client was $53,024.00.) Our client was extremely happy and wrote this review on Google:

"Excellent staff, they worked very hard on our case. We are so lucky to have them on our side. Mr. Berenson is the best attorney you can hire.

I am very happy with results of my case. I will recommend this attorney to anyone who needs an attorney who will fight for you.

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Drinking and DrivingMemorial Day is the most dangerous weekend of the year

Yesterday marked Memorial Day when we honored those who died on battlefields to give us our precious freedom. But there is little remembrance of those who lose their lives on roads every day due to drunk or reckless drivers. These victims need to be remembered. And the drunk and reckless drivers need to be stopped. Here were just a few of the weekend's crashes in the DFW area:
  • Saturday night: a one-year-old girl died when a SUV driven by a drunk 19-year-old crashed into her family's Mustang in Garland. The drunk driver was being chased by police. He was driving erratically in and out of traffic at speeds up to 100 mph when ran a red light. Then he and his apparent girlfriend ran from the scene.  The child's father, mother, and brother were seriously injured. Here is the accused drunk driver and his passenger.
  • Sunday afternoon: two sisters, ages 18 and 17, died in an horrific collision when their mother lost control of their SUV and hit a bridge support south of Fort Worth. It is not known what caused the collision. And their grieving mother is in critical condition at a local hospital. The older daughter was just about to graduate from Alvarado High School.
  • Early Monday: a 23-year-old man pictured who was DWI and who had a previous DWI ran a red light in West Dallas. He rammed his car into a car going through an intersection. That driver and two young women tragically died. Another woman suffered serious injuries and a teenage boy was also hurt.
  • Early Tuesday: a man got into a fight outside of a Seventh Street bar in Fort Worth. He got in his truck and drove it into a crowd. The drunk hit a woman and fractured her jaw. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with serious bodily injury.
That's horrific, six lives taken away just like that and others seriously injured. We send our prayers and healing wishes to the victims and their families. This holiday also serves as the unofficial start to summer and brings out a lot of drunk drivers. Each year, an average of about 400 Americans die on our country's highways and roads over the three-day weekend and DWIs are the #1 reason.

Quarantine has not stopped bad drivers

Our roads have less traffic than in decades. You might assume that with less drivers, there would be less car wrecks. But there is never a holiday on drunk drivers, aggressive drivers, and red light runners. And the quarantine seems to have emboldened some people to go even faster than ever. According to the latest statistics, the fatality rate per mile driven increased by a whopping 14% from last year. Law enforcement officials have reported that they have issued speeding tickets for drivers going 150 mph and many are not at all apologetic.

The latest way to get hurt driving in Dallas

Dallas police have already issued hundreds of citations for deadly street racing this year. There are organized events where people drive in from other states to participate. This epidemic began several months ago and was captured here. Last week in Fort Worth, just down University Drive from our offices, a racer was killed and his fellow racer was critically injured. Several other men have lost their lives, including a driver run off the road and another man thrown off of a racing truck in Dallas. Street racing has led to a sharp rise in drug dealing, illegal gun possession, and stolen vehicles, not to mention mayhem and death. The Dallas City Council is considering increasing penalties for street racing. We hope they do.

He was doing what?!

Finally it was reported that the Utah Highway Patrol recently pulled over a swerving SUV on the interstate. The officer could not believe it when he walked up to the driver and found a 5-year-old behind the wheel. The kindergartner had already driven three miles from his home. He could barely reach the pedals, let alone see out of the windows, although he was a large boy. That is frightening, right? How did this happen? The boy said that he had gotten into a fight with his mother when she would not buy him a Lamborghini. He grabbed the keys and took off for California to buy one. Chalk this up to the strange toll the pandemic is taking on our bored children. Maybe he was headed to this dealership in LA. Or he could have drove to the one in Dallas. In his dreams.

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The COVID-19 virus has forced most people to stay home. So you would assume that our North Texas roads, with less traffic than in decades, would be safer, right? Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Many innocent drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have recently been injured in scores of collisions. And expect a return to the 80,000 crashes we have in the Metroplex each year once the restrictions are lifted and normal traffic resumes.

DFW crashes this week

Here are a few of the local crashes that were reported online in the past week:
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