Wishing You A Safe And Happy Thanksgiving

We at Berenson Injury Law have the pleasure of representing the best, friendliest clients in North Texas. I wanted to take a moment and say thank all of the wonderful people who have chosen my firm to help them after their lives have been disrupted by an auto or truck collision.

And I couldn’t do this without my amazing staff. I’m giving them the day tomorrow so they can have an extra long weekend to spend with their families.

thanksgiving-powerpoint-background-10Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I enjoy taking the time to reflect on all the good things God has given me and my family and to resolve to do a better job fighting for my clients and improving my community.

As we gather with our family and friends to celebrate, go to church, eat, drink, and of course watch the Cowboys and either TCU and Texas win, we will rejoice being with our loved ones. And remember the 1621 feast when the Pilgrims who fled England to find religious tolerance sat down with the Native Americans. And relish that we live in the greatest country ever.

Driving Safety During The Holiday Season

AAA has estimated that almost 49 million Americans — almost the most ever — will be on our highways this holiday weekend. Since this is the busiest week to travel all year, it is also the worst time to be driving. If you are driving to be with family and friends, here are a few tips for your travel safety:

Inspect.  Take your vehicle to be inspected before you leave. Check brakes, tire tread, windshield wipers, and other safety equipment.

Leave early.  Try to avoid driving tomorrow and Sunday. Leave early both days if you will be driving then.

Relax.  Take your time, make frequent stops, and change drivers often.

Don’t drive while distracted.  Put down that cell phone.

Don’t drink and drive.  Obviously.

How to Prevent An Injury In Your House 

And don’t forget about home fire safety as Thanksgiving is the #1 day for cooking fires.

Stove and oven fires.  Did you know that the chance of a kitchen fire is tripled this week? Stay in the kitchen while you are using your appliances, and turn off your stove if you have children and pets and have to leave. Use a thermostat. Fry outside in a well ventilated space with water nearby, if you do this at all.

Batteries for your smoke alarm.  These are so easy to overlook. This is a good day to change them.

Fire extinguisher.  Make sure you have one, it is working, and that every one knows how to use it.

And Congratulations Lindsey! 

I’m delightedL I that when I told my staff they could have the day off, my paralegal Lindsey was able to move up her wedding date. Both of their families were going to be in Fort Worth for the holiday so it’s a perfect day for them.

She is being married tomorrow by the new judge that her mother works with in our beautiful county courthouse.

Lindsey, I wish you and Riley every happiness in the world.

And tomorrow is their son’s birthday.

And it’s my 62nd birthday (how did this happen?!). My daughter is leaving her job as a CPA at Southwest Airlines early today to be with us. So it will be a joyous weekend all round.

I hope that each of you finds joy on Thanksgiving and throughout this holiday season.

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