Colorado Crash Settled For Policy Limits

Berenson Injury Law has resolved a Fort Worth man’s injury case for the available Colorado insurance policy of $25,000.

We then continued to fight for our client and negotiated with his liability company to get him more money. We got him an additional $6,000.00 from his underinsured motorists benefits.

Almost all of the vehicle crash cases we handle are here in Texas but our client had traveled to Denver in December to visit a friend. Since we rarely see snow here, Joe wanted to go up into the Rockies to see mountains covered in snow.

But instead seeing a white Christmas, he saw a white hospital gown after his car was crashed into by a Jeep which failed to yield the right of way in Denver.

Joe went to go a hospital, always a good idea after such a jarring impact. Nothing showed up on tests and he was released. But he had hurt his neck, back, elbow, and ankle and had to be seen by a chiropractor when he returned home for several months.

Our office provided the doctor with a letter of protection so our client would not have to pay the bills or co-pays up front.

This is a serious problem for injured people. We just discussed what to do about this in this post: How can I pay my medical bills after my car accident?

We obtained Joe’s medical files from Colorado and here as well as other necessary documentation. He had not been able to work several days at his job and we got that loss wage information and added it to his demand.

We then entered into a round of negotiations and were able to convince the other driver’s insurance company to pay the entire policy limit. It wasn’t easy since the property damage,  injuries, and medical expenses were relatively minor. We then substantially reduced Joe’s outstanding medical bills and attorney’s fees and waived our expenses so he would get more money. Joe netted $16,115.00, more than half of the total, after all of his medical and legal expenses were paid.

Our client generously wrote this review:

***** After my car accident I was lost on what to do next, thankfully a friend recommended Mr. Berenson’s Law Firm. I can definitely recommend them as well, Mr. Berenson takes the time to explain the process and what to expect in simple terms. He is very professional yet personable at the same time. Thank you so much for everything!

Joe, thank you for allowing us to represent you and for taking the time to write that lovely note.

Please contact us if you need help with your car, truck, 18-wheeler, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian collision case. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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