COVID-19 UPDATE: What We Are Doing to Protect Our Clients

Why Berenson Injury Law has focused on food banks

Among the overlooked crises caused by COVID-19 is how many people do not have enough food to eat. An inconceivable 50 million Americans are now food-insecure. Too many people are struggling. This has been a serious problem for many years. Texas had the fourth highest number of elderly people who went to bed hungry each night -- and that was before the virus hit. Now that number is twice as high. We have seen the heart-breaking articles about the enormous lines of people getting food from local food banks. Our recent giveaways were national stories. And to make matters worse, food banks are about to be crippled when federal programs stop soon, at the worst possible time as the coronavirus surges out of control. COVID-19 particularly affects our elderly and minority citizens. This has forced many people to shelter in place, often in nursing homes and assisted living facilities that have been decimated by the virus. The Thanksgiving and now Christmas holidays must be especially lonely periods for many of them. Just as Americans need food assistance the most, our food banks face shortages

Meals on Wheels is an incredible group

Mr. Berenson just made another large gift to Meals on Wheels, his fifth contribution this year to a local food bank. For almost 50 years, its small army of volunteers has provided vital services to our senior citizens. They deliver an incredible 900,000 nutritious meals each year, make wellness and safety checks, and monitor diets and medications. Bravo to the people who take the time and risk their health to minister to the hungry. At this time of year, they are Santa's elves. The delivery person is sometimes the only contact the person has  with the outside world. This photograph was taken at this time last year as Mr. Berenson delivered food and he plans to do this again before Christmas. This was his firm's 10th donation this year to a non-profit organization. And on Friday, he is sponsoring another luncheon to thank the teachers and staff at the school he adopted many years ago. Over the past 40 years, Bill Berenson has been proud to support many other organizations. He enjoys supporting the wonderful Fort Worth community where he has lived and practiced law for over 40 years. We hope that you and your family are celebrating the holiday season and are staying safe.

An 18-wheeler carrying boxes of now valuable toilet paper crashed outside of Dallas last week and caught on fire. Much of the precious cargo burned up. We are surprised that drivers didn’t stop to try to grab rolls of it, the way you see after an armored truck crashes and money is flying everywhere. Fortunately, no one was injured. Thanks to Judge Mike Hrbal for spotting this story. And as further evidence of the crazy times we are living in, a man in California was arrested yesterday for assault after he punched his mother. Why? She said he was using too much toilet paper and had to hide it from him. And if you want to groan, here is one of the original Charmin commercials from the 1960’s where a Texas cowboy comes to the rescue.  

I attended the board of directors meeting of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association yesterday and am proud that TTLA's annual convention is here in Fort Worth. This is in honor of the organization being founded here 70 years ago. It is always good to go to these state lawyers meetings and the national meeting of the American Association for Justice every few years to stay abreast of legal changes and catch up with trial attorneys. In a fascinating historical aside, the convention headquarters are in the landmark Hilton Hotel, where TTLA was organized and where President Kennedy spent his last night before his tragic visit to Dallas in November 1963. Here is a photo of him giving an impromptu speech that morning to a crowd of thousands of people who had waited in the rain. I was in the fourth grade in Nashville and remember my teacher crying when she told us the sad news. I am at the educational seminar today and tomorrow to learn the latest developments in personal injury law and trial procedures. It is my privilege to be a member of this organization that fights to protect the rights of the victims of preventable accidents and to make our state a safer and better place to live.

Honoring my father-in-law and all veterans

Memorial Day ushers in our summer with BBQ's, the Colonial golf tournament down the street from my office, and a relaxing 3-day weekend. Most of us may not stop to think about what it cost to obtain our care-free summer days. But we should never take them for granted. Millions of soldiers fought and hundreds of thousands died so that we could live in the greatest country in the history of the world. You may forget this until you watch gut-wrenching movies like "Saving Private Ryan," "Dunkirk," or others that show you the incredible sacrifices they made. I am proud that my father-in-law, Samuel Rubinton, served four years in World War II as a Lieutenant Colonel. And incredibly, he worked his way up from a private! He was awarded several military honors for valor for his work behind enemy lines and is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery. I never had the privilege to meet this fine man, as he died many years before I married my wonderful wife 30 years ago this August, but wish that I had. Despite our differing beliefs and opinions, we can still rally together as families, friends, and as a single nation on Memorial Day in remembrance and gratitude.

One of the reasons I love living in Texas is how nice people are. And I grew up in Nashville where folks were just as friendly. Most of us drive responsibly and even go out of our way to help others get around. But should there be a limit to our Southern hospitality if it endangers others? What if a driver is slowing down for a red light and another driver signals to turn left. After Driver 1 waves Driver 2 across and he darts across, Driver 3 crashes into 2's car. Which of the three people caused the collision to happen? Multi-vehicle cases can be difficult. I just settled a lawsuit when my client was driving on a busy road at night in the rain. A young woman claimed that she was waved through and was therefore not responsible for causing the collision. I took her deposition, made her admit that she was in fact responsible, and successfully resolved the lawsuit. This tactic of blaming other drivers is often raised in-car accident cases.
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