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Sneed-truck-2-with-tape-measureBerenson Injury Law is pleased to announce that it has obtained a recovery of $750,000.

Our client crashed into a large tractor-trailer in a Fort Worth intersection. But the police report and several witnesses blamed him for his speeding and improper lookout. There were other problems that made the chance of receiving compensation poor.

Our team sprung into action. We went with our accident investigation expert to the scene, took photographs, and measured skid marks. We set up an inspection of both vehicles, downloaded black boxes, and tried to find witnesses to rebut the negative liability facts. To Recover Damages After Government Employee Causes A Crash.

Special laws apply if you are involved in a collision caused by a state worker like a school bus driver.

I just obtained the total amount available under state law for my client. He was driving this 18-wheeler last summer when a school bus driver loaded with children failed to yield at a stop sign and caused this crash. My client had to have surgery to his shoulder and ankle. I have also made his workers compensation carrier agree to substantially cut its reimbursement lien.

But suing state agencies and their employees can be difficult, if not impossible, since our state legislature has imposed strict limitations on liability, damages amounts, and legal procedures.

Here’s how this legal process differs from most injury cases.

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Photo courtesy of TMZ Sportse Won’t Need Injury Lawyer. But Will You If You Are Crashed Into?

The Cowboys just need to win two games to play in Super Bowl LI in Houston. But this Sunday’s game against the Packers and the following week’s against either Seattle or Atlanta will be tough.

That’s why we all got nervous when we heard that the rookie sensation Ezekiel Elliott had wrecked his truck Wednesday morning. The star running back was involved in a very minor rear-end collision near the Cowboy’s Frisco practice facility at Dallas Parkway and Gaylord Parkway.

The vehicles showed little if any damage, as you can see. Both were driven from the scene, an ambulance was not called, and no one reported any injuries.

Of course, Elliott is in incredible physical shape, has played football almost his whole life, and is used to his body getting slammed into. As he tweeted afterwards: “I’ve been in bigger collisions. Lol.”

What About The Rest Of Us?

However the other 99.99% of the world isn’t used to being collided into and isn’t in the same kind of physical condition. Getting hit by a car or truck weighing 3,000 to 6,000 pounds sometimes at a speed of up to 70 MPH isn’t going to hurt as much if you’re the top running back in the NFL.

We all have to get into our cars and trucks and drive around our spread-out North Texas area each day and our chances of being in an automobile accident are better than you might think. There were a whopping 80,000 crashes in Dallas and Tarrant Counties in 2015, or 221 a day.

Nobody ever thinks they’re going to be in a collision or get hurt. Until they are. That’s when they call a personal injury lawyer for help.

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Shocking video shows dangers of tailgating 

I am sometimes told by insurance company attorneys and adjusters that unless my clients were in a high speed crash with major property damage to the vehicles, my clients could not have injured very seriously. I never allow them to continue arguing this when I am negotiating their cases to get them the compensation they deserve to receive for their damages.

This video from the dash board camera in the 18 wheeler shows you why.IMG_0373

The car was being driven by a young woman from Texas, Briana Disaia who was riding the tail of a pickup truck in Arizona.

As they both passed the tractor trailer, the pickup truck driver swerved to avoid hitting a mattress jutting out into traffic.

The car driver didn’t see the mattress until too late, jerked her wheel to the right, and spun her car out of control. It hit the 18 wheeler which sent her car flying into the side of a mountain at a high rate of speed.

Her car rolled several times before coming to rest on its roof.

Somehow the Texan walked away without any injuries. Her seat belt saved her life.
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Page PD photoThe Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul character, Saul Goodman, portrayed a despicable but hysterical lawyer.

However it’s no laughing matter when a real life personal injury lawyer preys upon vulnerable people.

This just happened in Dallas, where a city councilwoman used her position to solicit business for another lawyer, according to this article in the Texas Lawyer. A woman was rushed to the ICU after being horrifically mauled by a dog and later died. The politician is accused of pressuring the grieving family to hire her out of state friend — who had been disbarred. The two were just sued by the deceased woman’s family for barratry, or the illegal solicitation of a client.

Unfortunately this is routine after an accident or tragedy. If lawyers or medical clinics start cold calling you or your family after an auto or truck collision, you should hang up. Then you should call the State Bar of Texas and report them. It’s the only way this harassing conduct will stop. And there is a $10,000.00 reward.

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An 18-year-old all-state pitcher at Paschal High School, Drew Medford, who was about to start college at TCU, tragically died early this morning on the new Chisholm Trail Parkway.  The news shocked his family and friends. But given that at least one Texan has died every day in a traffic crash for the past 15 years, the story wasn’t as surprising as you might think.

Traffic deaths increased last year by a whopping 7.7 percent, the largest percentage in 50 years.2015-12-30 Pics- Caldwell

This  photo was taken on I-35 in north Fort Worth after a man died and his passenger was severely injured while they were at a complete stop. I’m filing a lawsuit this week to help the passenger recover her tremendous damages. Our investigation has found that the 18 wheeler driver, who was only four feet eight inches tall, was exceeding the speed limit. Further, his truck had not been properly inspected or repaired. In addition, the commercial driver admitted that he was not paying attention to the vehicles on the road and he had just received a phone call before the crash.

dreamstime_xs_69286260Horrible news for our Rangers: a devastating neck injury has sidelined superstar Prince Fielder. Yesterday the team announced that the six time All Star is retiring after 11 years in the major leagues.

At age 32, doctors have declared Fielder “medically disabled” and refused to clear him to ever return to the baseball field.

Fielder just had to undergo his second surgical fusion a few weeks ago to repair another herniated disc that put him at risk of a severe spinal cord injury.

But Prince Fielder isn’t the only one who is unable to work because of an injured neck or back. As a personal injury lawyer, I often represent clients who have unfortunately suffered debilitating injuries to their spines. Continue reading

Priscilla-davis-Cullen-DavisThe sensational trials of Cullen Davis were the talk of Texas 40 years ago. The 42 year-old Fort Worth oil baron was accused of murdering his estranged wife’s boyfriend and her 12 year-old daughter and shooting his wild wife. He was acquitted of the heinous crimes and later of trying to kill their divorce attorney after three trials after clever defense work by Richard “Racehorse” Haynes.

I worked for the Dallas law firm that also defended him while I was a student at SMU Law School in the late 70’s.

Now 82, Davis again stood before a jury — this time for an automobile accident. Davis crashed a car in 2013 on South Collins in Arlington. While he claimed he was travelling 20 mph when he hit car, the woman he hit described a worse collision that caused her painful back and neck injuries.

The jury returned a verdict clearing Davis of liability for the crash — even though he was obviously at fault.

Why? The Star-Telegram noted two factors that swayed the jury. The injured person’s description of her injuries changed from mild pain at the ER immediately after the accident to extreme pain. Also, the damage to both automobiles was minor.

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Car accidents are not inevitable. In almost every case, they could have easily been prevented. Garces PD

Here are the top 10 reasons they happen.

1. Drunk driving

I’m about to file a lawsuit against a woman who was drunk and crashed into my client’s car shown here — at noon!  As a personal injury lawyer, I see DWI injury cases all the time. Texas lawmakers and police could do more to prevent drunk driving.

Learn more about drunk driving crashes.

2. Distracted driving

A whopping 3,179 people died and 431,000 were injured in distracted driving crashes in 2014. Use of electronic devices — usually  texting and talking on the phone — is the worst culprit. These numbers would decrease if Texas passed a statewide ban on texting and phone use.

Learn more about distracted driving crashes.

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Not too hard to figure this out — it’s Interstate 35

I-35W is one of the busiest highways in North Texas. We were all familiar with its constant traffic congestion, bottlenecks caused by crashed cars and trucks, and bumper-to-bumper commutes — and that was before construction began several years ago. Now the highway is much worse and even more dangerous.

I-35 construction contributed to huge 20% increase in Fort Worth traffic crashes this year

Construction began on I-35 in 2013. Since then, it has almost shut down the interstate, as this article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram describes. This has made driving north and south in Fort Worth extremely difficult for hundreds of thousands of drivers. But beyond the frustrations, the seemingly never-ending construction — the 10.1 mile project won’t be finished until 2018 — has put and will continue to put drivers in danger of getting into a collision.

Since construction began, the I-35 corridor has accounted for nine of the top 10 crash sites in the city. 9,862 traffic accidents occurred there from the start of 2016 just through June 20th. That means at least 20,000 wrecks will happen on I-35 this year. Wow!

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