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We at Berenson Injury Law have the pleasure of representing the best, friendliest clients in North Texas. I wanted to take a moment and say thank all of the wonderful people who have chosen my firm to help them after their lives have been disrupted by an auto or truck collision.

And I couldn’t do this without my amazing staff. I’m giving them the day tomorrow so they can have an extra long weekend to spend with their families.

Thanksgiving Day

We are happy (and a bit jealous) that our senior paralegal is moving to Austin to get married, but sad to lose her.

Shelby has worked relentlessly to help get our clients the compensation they deserve. She has fought mean-spirited insurance adjusters, hunted down hospital and physician records and billings, helped coordinate trial strategy, and provided a friendly shoulder for our injured clients to cry on when needed.

And Shelby has kept us all laughing all day long with her hysterical sense of humor.

Yesterday marked Senior Paralegal Shelby McWilliams’ third anniversary working for the Berenson Law Firm. Shelby heads up our pre-litigation department.

She loves assisting our clients and guiding them through the stressful, often complicated process of resolving their car and truck collision cases. This includes working with investigators, police officers, automobile and truck insurance companies, health insurance carriers, hospitals and doctors, and government agencies.

Shelby is kind and generous to all she meets and has a great sense of humor. In her spare time, she loves being a youth minister for her church and taking care of Thelma and Louise, her Jack Russell/Chihuahuas,

Thank you to my wonderful clients for the privilege or representing you — and for writing such great online reviews.

Yesterday Sarah, a hard working legal assistant who graduated from TCU a few years ago (go Frogs!) entertained adorable Maddy so her mother could meet with me and receive her family’s settlement checks. All of my paralegals and legal assistants are highly intelligent, driven, super friendly college graduates, by the way.

I was pleased to read her that my client had written this very nice review and I wanted to share it with you — especially for those of you are shopping around for the best Fort Worth Dallas personal injury lawyer to represent you:

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