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Trevor Gage was killed in a hit-and-run crash (shown here with his wife)

Road Rage Claims One Of Our Finest

Yesterday a White Settlement firefighter tragically died after his motorcycle was intentionally struck by a pickup truck on Spur 341 the day before.

If this weren’t horrifying enough, the hit-and-run driver then sped off without stopping to check on the young man who selflessly helped people in need every day.

Police are looking for the driver, a Mexican-American man with slicked-back hair, as well his black Ford F-150 Super Crew pick-up truck with scrape marks along the passenger side bed of the truck.

The truck driver had chased the firefighter and another motorcyclist for miles down Interstate 30, starting near my office building on University, before trying to run over both of them.

The 30 year old man left behind a wife and three children. One has medical problems. A go fund me account has been set up to pay for his family’s expenses. I urge others to also contribute.

Texas law requires driver to stop at crash scene

A driver who flees faces felony criminal charges if the crash causes injuries or death. Texas passed a law increasing the penalties of hit-and-run crashes several years ago after lawmakers finally acknowledged that a drunk driver had the opportunity to sober up and avoid a DUI charge — or escape jail altogether.

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Angry Driver Agitated When Victim Drove Slower Speed Limit

Police are looking for a driver who fired shots in a Grand Prairie school zone in a frightening road rage incident on Friday. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but the thought of somebody firing a weapon at another car any where, let alone in a school zone is scary.

A man drove through the school zone and slowed to 20 mph as the law requires. But his slow pace angered the driver behind him who became aggressive.

The angry man pulled along the first driver and pulled out a handgun. As the innocent man sped off, he heard the shot moments before his back passenger window shattered.

What is going on out there?

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A Fort Worth woman was shockingly shot to death Wednesday night on Interstate 30 in Arlington. The killer, who had been swerving in and out of traffic, drove away.

UPDATED 2/3/16 – Police announced they have arrested a suspect in this shooting.

A Denton college student, a “designated driver” driving her sorority sisters home after a New Yeas Eve party, was shot dead after a Lexus LUV filled with five males opened fire. They have not been caught.

Recent videos of road rage incidents like this one from Dallas, Austin, and Houston have gone viral. 

This is truly frightening.

We have too many crazy drivers on our roads. People cut off other vehicles for sport. Drivers race down highways, weave in and out of traffic, tailgate, and even shoot their guns at other drivers. 

What to Do if You Encounter a Road Raging Driver 

If you see one of these dangerous and immature people, steer clear. Change lanes, slow down, and even pull off the road if necessary.  Never try to challenge or reprimand him (yes, they are usually male). 

Report the driver to the police, giving a description of the road, direction of travel, and make and model and license plate of the offender.

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Shooter Still on the Loose

Kay Hafford was driving to work on I-45 at 7 a.m. on Friday when she honked at the driver of a sports utility vehicle who cut her off. This simple act triggered a frightening road rage incident that put the 28 year-old Hafford woman in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. 

First responders rushed Ms. Hafford to Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, where surgeons removed several bullet fragments from the right side of her brain. Ms. Hafford (pictured here with her husband), a church singer, was stable enough to be released from the hospital on Sunday afternoon and, thankfully, is expected to make a full recovery. Police have asked the public for information about the road rage shooting.

Another Similar Shooting Happened In Houston A Few Months Ago

Harris County reserve deputy Kenneth Caplan was speeding down a Houston highway when he 

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We Have Too Much Road Rage In North Texas 

Driving on DFW’s congested highways can make anybody feel stressed, but even in the most annoying of circumstances, nothing is worth losing our tempers behind the wheel. 

Who better to make this point than World Champion boxer Evander Holyfield? In this road rage PSA, a black SUV backs out of a driveway in front of a white pickup truck, forcing the driver to brake. The pickup truck driver pulls around and in front of the SUV and stops. The angry driver gets out of his truck yelling and cursing and stomps toward the SUV. The door of the SUV slowly opens and a very calm Evander Holyfield emerges. The message is powerful.

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Off-Duty Texas Law Enforcement Officer Injures Woman in Violent Road Rage Shooting 

We’ve all been here: An angry driver speeds down a busy highway, swerves between lanes, pulls in front of traffic and generally drives recklessly. No matter how infuriating this conduct is, the best thing to do is to stay clear and, if the driver appears to be a danger, call police. Engaging the driver puts your life at risk. A 20 year-old Houston woman discovered this after a road rage incident ended in a shooting.

Harris County Reserve Deputy Takes Out his Rage on Fellow Drivers

The victim is lucky to be alive after encountering an angry driver on the 610 Loop at the Stella Link between Buffalo Speedway and Kirby. On November 11, Harris County reserve deputy Kenneth Caplan was speeding down the Houston highway when he cut off the victim. She honked at him, switched to the other lane and pulled in front of him. After the cat-and-mouse exchange, the angry driver shot at his victim. The bullet grazed her head, fortunately causing only moderate injuries. One inch lower and she might have been killed or suffered much more serious head and face injuries.

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