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Health InsuranceHere we are in the middle of a terrifying global epidemic. The death rate is spiraling. We have been ordered to stay home, for the most part. Yes, it’s frustrating. But some people somehow continue to drive around like normal.

It’s not just that they are probably spreading the coronavirus. They keep speeding, running red lights and stop signs, and texting while driving — and causing car and truck wrecks, engaging in road rage, and hitting pedestrians.

So even though many less people are allowed to be driving on DFW roads, personal injuries and wrongful deaths continue to happen. And we wonder if the quarantine is making some people drive even more recklessly than usual, as if nothing had changed.

For example, here are just a few of the crashes that happened here in the past week:

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We usually meet the friendliest people in Texas — but that can change at the drop of a hat gas pedal. Texas has almost the second highest number of these terrifying crashes in the country. This is a huge problem that sadly take the lives of over 1,500 people each year.

These are some of the latest horrific road rage incidents in Texas:


  • In Houston two days ago, a female driver chased a woman riding a motorcycle and killed her;

A 19 year-old teen was shot and killed in Arlington after he got into a lane change dispute on I-20 in June. Nobody has been arrested in this gut-wrenching homicide.

At least the death of young Dylan Spaid inspired Arlington police to take action and police began cracking down on overly aggressive drivers. As an Arlington sergeant noted, there are a lot of angry people on the road. This new program is stopping those crazed drivers before they hurt anyone.

Undercover patrol officers constantly scan highways for aggressive motorists during sting operations. The officers look for such typical angry behavior as tailgating, cutting off other drivers, passing on the shoulder, weaving in and out of lanes, making obscene gestures and excessive speeding.

A WFAA reporter who rode along with unmarked officers saw a driver who was clocked going an unbelievable 102 mph. A crash at that speed would likely kill the driver and innocent people he ran into. This is an example of the type of conduct the sting operation is targeting.

Arlington officers aren’t messing around. So far, they’ve issued citations to more than 1,000 drivers and arrested 15 aggressive drivers.

Not only were numerous road rage injuries likely averted, but Arlington is getting a reputation for a place where drivers need to be on their best behavior. Continue reading

Dallas Has Almost 3rd Worst Traffic in the Country.

We all know how dangerous and frustrating driving on Dallas-Fort Worth roads can be.

And if you think Dallas is the worst city to drive in, you’re close. It was recently ranked almost tied for the #3 spot on the list for cities with the worst traffic in the United States. Only Los Angeles and New York City, the top two most densely populated cities and famous for their bumper-to-bumper gridlock, have more traffic jams. Remember the opening to the movie La La Land when people danced on their stopped cars?

The study analyzed 108,000 “hotspots” in American cities to identify where they are and why they happen. They represent problem areas that cause congestion and crashes.

The researchers found 6,720 traffic hot spots in Dallas. The worst area was on Interstate 20 West from south of downtown to Collins in Arlington. Improving these areas would make our lives better and reduce the enormous number of car wrecks we have – over 80,000 a year in Dallas and Tarrant Counties each year. Continue reading

One driver pulls up to another driver and points a gun at him. After a high speed chase, police officers lose control and crash into a bank. The armed driver races into a neighborhood where he wrecks his car, flees on foot, and breaks into a house. The officers are rushed to emergency rooms and one is seriously hurt. Other police officers eventually arrest the man.

This unbelievable police chase was not a scene in the latest Hollywood action movie. It happened yesterday afternoon in Fort Worth. It was so violent it made national headlines.

The driver, a 21-year-old male, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest, and unlawful possession of a firearm and already had seven outstanding arrest warrants. His passenger, a 21-year-old female, was arrested for possession of marijuana and had five warrants.

Our residents are almost always known for their hospitality and courtesy. But our roadways are sometimes turning into battlefields. Road rage has become a  common occurrence. Continue reading

Driving While Shooting Encounters Show That Some In North Texas Are Still Living In The Wild West

Ever since the Lone Star State was founded in 1836 after a war with Mexico, we have been famous for being a gun-loving and sometimes dangerous place to live. Here in Fort Worth, shoot-outs in the Stockyards were common and Butch Cassidy and his gang hung out in “Hell’s Half Acre” (now downtown) when they weren’t robbing banks. There’s a reason our sports teams are named the Rangers, Cowboys, and Mavericks. We were the epicenter of the wild West — and still proud of it.

Today we in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are fortunately better known for our gracious hospitality, vibrant culture, booming economy, and numerous universities. But lately we have experienced an alarming resurgence of the wild West mentality on our highways.

DFW Must Stop This Wave of Violence

Angry drivers have been terrorizing North Texans lately. It feels a little like a war zone with three shootings in three days leaving one young man dead and three people wounded.

Police released this picture of the killer’s car at the intersection of Cooper and Arbrook just before the road rage murder two weeks ago.

While police hunt for the shooters, one agency has taken action to protect the rest of us from this alarming violence. Arlington police officers in unmarked vehicles will be targeting aggressive drivers in its road rage campaign. Patrol officers will look for motorists that tailgate, flash their lights, honk unnecessarily, throw things at other cars, cut off other drivers, yell or make obscene hand gestures in an effort to reduce dangerous road rage incidents.

And they mean business. 60 aggressive drivers were pulled over just during yesterday’s rush hour and police issued 65 citations for dangerous acts of aggression.

Bravo! This is the type of commitment we need to put an end to senseless roadway violence.

Dallas police merely issued a statement urging drivers to use caution. While there are steps you can take to protect yourself, we need law enforcement to step up to the plate. I urge our other local police forces to join in Arlington’s proactive efforts.

This is a serious problem in our country. Over 1,500 persons get hurt or die every year because of aggressive driving.

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One Man Killed, Two Women Shot Sunday 

A young man, 19-year-old Dylan Spaid, and his girlfriend were driving home on I-20 near Matlock Road on Sunday afternoon when an altercation occurred with another driver.

Witnesses said that the car pulled up to the couple’s truck and a man started shooting at Spaid. The gunman and his driver sped off and left the teen to die as his truck continued forward on the interstate. The young woman grabbed the wheel and steered the truck into this building. She fortunately only suffered a laceration to her head.

Shockingly, a few hours later another 19-year-old was shot in the head while driving on I-30 in Mesquite.

Although police have not said that the two incidents were related, the description of the vehicles are similar.

My heart goes out to the three victims and their families. I hope our law enforcement officials catch the perpetrator quickly and bring him to justice. Police are searching for a black four-door sedan, possibly a BMW or Mercedes, with silver rims and tinted windows.

WTH, have our Texas roads become the scene for Wild West shootouts on wheels? Continue reading

It was another horrifying morning yesterday on our roads and sidewalks in Dallas and in New York City.

A. We still don’t know what sparked yesterday’s road rage incident in Richardson. But we know that a 27-year-old man is dead in yet another senseless act of road rage violence that plagues our country.

While many of us were getting read to go to work or already commuting at 6:30 a.m., two men were seen swerving and speeding along U.S. 75 near Campbell Road. When they both stopped at a red light, the drivers exchanged irate words. Then one driver pulled out a gun and shot the other driver in the head. The man fled the scene and left his victim to die. Police released this photo and have asked for the public’s help in identifying the psycho driver.

B. Also yesterday morning in Dallas at 11 a.m. near I-30 and Jim Miller Road, a fire truck on its way to putting out a burning building was crashed into by a pickup truck driver who couldn’t wait and decided to run the light. Though not technically a road rage episode, the truck then crossed over the median and struck a small car, shoving it into a telephone pole. Two fire fighters and the driver of the car were injured and rushed to the emergency room.

C. And in Times Square yesterday also around 11:00 CST, a 26-year-old man drove his car onto the sidewalk, murdered a young woman, and injured 22 other people, four critically. Then the killer tried to run away. Of course.

An ISIS terrorist was initially suspected.

The driver, a Navy veteran, had two prior DWI convictions and was on PCP.

As I often wonder here, what in the world is going on our roads? And how can we stop the madness?

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An Arlington man was the target of a shocking road rage shooting on I-20 on Thursday. He told WFAA8 that after he passed a vehicle driving slowly, that driver raced to catch up, rolled down his window, and began firing a gun at him! The victim was able to duck and although he was struck by bullets, somehow survived.

But on that same day, a former NFL running back was killed in another road rage shooting in Louisiana.

What is going on out there? Are these just two isolated instances of anger boiling over?

No unfortunately. Road rage is more common than you may think.

Just last month a Frisco man pistol-whipped another driver on the Dallas North Tollway after a collision.

There are many other incidents, mostly not reported to police. and road rage is not just a problem here in North Texas, it’s a national epidemic. Continue reading

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