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A protest group has just uploaded a video to Youtube that appears to be the first video of the United States Supreme Court while it was in session.

The Supreme Court does not allow cameras or any other recording devices or cellular telephones. Spectators, lawyers and reporters must pass through a metal detector before entering the courtroom. However, members of the 99Rise protest group appear to have shot video on two separate occasions over the last several months.

I just read that our Texas state Senate voted 24-6 to pass a tough new law to rein in the outrageous pay day loan industry.

Fort Worth senator Wendy Davis is to be commended for standing up for the rights of working people and those on fixed incomes who have to pay exorbitant interest rates plus overdraft and service fees. This creates a catastrophic and unending cycle of debt that can ruin families. But the state House will no doubt again scuttle the bill.

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