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I wanted to thank the Fort Worth community for the privilege of practicing law in Fort Worth for the past 35 years. This morning it was with great pride that my firm donated seven scholarships totaling $3,500.00 to fifth grade students to start them on their paths of achieving their college dreams.

I loved attending the graduation ceremony at Rufino Mendoza Elementary School where I have volunteered for the last 10 years. When each scholarship winner was announced, there were screams of joy from students and parents. Each child ran to the front and was fitted with a cap from the university he or she wants to attend. In addition to Texas universities, the two young men on the bottom right hope to attend prestigious MIT and Notre Dame. The students were also given a plaque to remind them to keep studying hard so they can achieve their dreams. These children hope to become doctors, engineers, singers, and business people. I met with them to judge the awards and was impressed with their ambition and talent. The faculty and a foundation donated three more scholarships. This is the first time Mendoza had ever handed out these awards and it is only the third school in the Fort Worth ISD to even participate in this exciting program.

I was also delighted to listen to the excellent keynote speech given by my paralegal, Sandra Sigala, who graduated from Texas Christian University in December. She inspired the students and serves as a wonderful role model for them.

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To Kill A Mockingbird Was Based On A Similar Case Her Father Had Defended

The sister of the author of To Kill a Mockingbird. died on Monday. Who was this extraordinary woman and why am I blogging about her?

Alice Lee was a a trailblazing Alabama lawyer who was one of the only women to practice law in the state during the first half of the 20th century. She later became the oldest person still practicing law in Alabama in 2012 and didn’t retire until she turned 100.

I’m proud to have run my 50th marathon and achieve a goal I never thought I’d reach. Saturday (May 31, 2014) also marked my 47th different state as I am about to complete another goal: 50 by 60.

I’ll run races in North Dakota and New Jersey this fall, then finish with my 50th state on the Potomac River in Maryland. This is the state my dear mother was from and where my wife was born and raised and where we go married 25 years ago. The race is along a scenic canal just outside of Washington. I’ll run it one week before I turn 60 in November.

Most of the marathons (40) have been run in the last five years after I decided to see if I could complete this crazy dream. I had run in 10 states then, with my first one as I was turning 50, wanting to get into better shape and looking for a new hobby.

On Saturday it was very warm and humid at the start at 7 a.m. in a small town south of Kansas City. This was my third marathon in 27 days and I was naturally tired. And I was almost the oldest person in the race. So I had plenty of excuses for not running well. You can imagine how thrilled I was to finish fourth in the race, my highest finish ever.

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I am involved in various community projects. Helping those in need is an important part of my law practice. No service is more important than getting involved in the lives of our children and mentoring them to make a difference. I enjoyed teaching Sunday School and being the Youth Committee chairman of where I worship, the Presenting Sponsor of the Cowtown Marathon’s CALF run, in charge of the Boy Scout’s Explorers program, and other youth organizations and causes over the years.

So when I heard about the Fort Worth Adopt A School’s program nine years ago, I decided that I wanted to help out on Fort Worth’s economically distressed North Side. I chose to adopt the Rufino Mendoza Sr. Elementary School. The experience has been incredibly rewarding.

I take pride in supporting such a fine school and its hard working teachers and students. I pitch in wherever I can. I especially enjoy working with its after-school fitness club, since readers of this blog know that I am something of a fitness junkie. I run and walk with the children, encourage their efforts and give them pointers. I help them with their homework. I am always talking about the value of education, hard work, fitness, and diet. I often walk around eating an apple and talking about my vegetarian diet. They’re probably tired of hearing these messages, but they are important.

I love this “gold” medal with the spinning football from my race on Sunday. And it’s more attractive because the Packers are such an iconic team — excellent, true to its humble roots, fan-owned. Very Bruce Springsteen-like.

My 50 yard line finishes on the 50 yard line in the University of Nebraska stadium two weeks ago and on the goal line in the “We Are Marshall” arena in West Virginia in October were exciting. So when I got hurt training to run 98 laps around a hockey rink in Milwaukee in January and found out that I could finish by running around the famous Lambeau Field, Green Bay became my new Wisconsin choice. Oh, I’m trying to run a marathon in every state.
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This is my 9th year sponsoring the Rufino Mendoza Sr. Elementary School on the North Side, and it’s been one of the most rewarding service projects I’ve ever done.

I got this wonderful thank you card from the teachers today and I wanted to share it with you.

Thank YOU teachers!

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