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School started this week for most kids in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I again saw a lot walking to school and being dropped off this morning as I ran before work. It is mandatory that we all slow down and pay attention to the road and talk to our children about traffic safety.

Watching Out for Kids During the School Year

As you shuttle your children to school by opening bell then race to work, the temptation to speed or to quickly check your email is understandable. Resist the urge and follow these school year traffic laws:

  • Never use a cell phone while driving through a school zone
  • Do not speed, especially in a school zone
  • Comply with the school’s drop-off and pickup procedures
  • Be aware that kids could dart out in front of your car at any moment
  • Do not pass a bus that has stopped and activated its flashing red lights

Careful driving not only ensures the safety of kids, but also avoids a very expensive ticket. Texting or talking on the phone while driving through a school zone can result in a $200 ticket. Passing a school bus while its flashing red lights are engaged can cost up to $1000 in fines. 

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Man On Drugs Was Speeding at Up to 100 mph

While her mother and two of her children waited in the car, Sylvia Zazueta walked into the Star Food Mart to pay for gas and buy a drink for her son early on Tuesday afternoon. This ordinary act ended in tragedy when a speeding Chevrolet Avalanche truck barreled through the window of the store and landed on top of the 24 year-old Fort Worth woman. Medics rushed to pull the truck off her and she was rushed to John Peter Smith Hospital. She tragically died from critical injuries to her head, chest and extremities.

Seven others were also seriously injured in the crash, including one man who was pinned beneath the vehicle. 

Pedestrian Was Walking in Crosswalk When He Was Fatally Struck By Shuttle Bus

A pair of running shoes still on the road is a heart-breaking reminder of the dedicated medical professional killed in front of the hospital he had served for close to 33 years. 61 year-old Randal Dygert was crossing Harry Hines Boulevard near Medical District Drive on Friday just before 7 a.m. on Friday when he was struck by a shuttle bus dropping patients off at Parkland Memorial Hospital. The shuttle bus dragged the nurse 50 yards. He died instantly upon impact.

Another hospital employee who was also struck by the van was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital in stable condition. Thankfully, she is expected to recover from her injuries.

The two employees were in or near the crosswalk when they were hit. However, they did not have the green light. But according to witnesses, around that time of the morning, the area is typically filled with pedestrians arriving to and leaving from work during the regular shift change.

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How To Avoid Injury As You Exercise Outside

 OK, so I’m one of those crazy guys you see running around as I try to stay in shape and I was just asked what my biggest worry was — injuries? weather? dogs? No, it’s drivers. I’m careful and have fortunately never been struck by a car or truck. But many fellow runners, others on foot, and cyclists have not been so lucky.

I’m representing a man who was seriously injured when he was walking in a highly visible crosswalk in the Fort Worth Stockyards during the day and I did some research. The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (N.H.T.S.A.) reports that 4,743 pedestrians were killed and about 76,000 were injured in traffic-related accidents in 2011. This equals one pedestrian death every two hours and one pedestrian injury every seven minutes because of crashes. N.H.T.S.A. counts runners, joggers, walkers and others who are standing or sitting as pedestrians.

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Worldwide Questions Have Local Impact

Ever used Uber and wondered if the driver was covered by liability insurance? I did yesterday in Dallas (as I needed a ride to and from the Dallas Marathon which I was running) and the drivers admitted that they were not covered. Luckily, we were not involved in any collisions.

Finally Uber and other pseudo-cab companies are catching flak from governments across the globe. Just this week, Spain, Thailand, the Netherlands and the Delhi region of India suspended its services. Earlier in the year, the cities of Brussels, Rio de Janeiro and Seoul banned the company from operating and Germany issued a countrywide moratorium. U.S. municipalities and state governments are also taking action, with ride sharing regulatory bills introduced and squashed in Washington, Oklahoma, Maryland, Georgia and Florida, and passed in Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee, among other states. Ordinances have also been considered in various cities throughout the United States, including in Texas in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

Some lawmakers cite concerns about unfair competition by the unregulated transportation networking companies (TNCs) — such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar — within the otherwise highly-regulated taxi industry. More importantly, numerous incidents have highlighted security lapses and insurance coverage gaps within the unregulated TNC model.

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From One Second to the Next tells four heartbreaking stories about the devastation caused in the few seconds when a driver looks down at her or his phone and texts while driving. This must-see documentary adds human faces and voices to the tragic consequences.

Texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Statistics show that 3,328 people were killed and 421,000 people were injured in 2012 in collisions involving distracted drivers. Texting takes five seconds on average, which if you are driving at 55 mph is tantamount to travelling the length of a football field while wearing a blindfold.  From One Second to the Next shows the human costs of those five seconds.

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Isn’t life already dangerous enough? Or is that boring? Now our teens are playing a game where they have to dart across dark streets late at night to have fun?

About midnight Friday night, a 15-year-old young woman had to be rushed to the ICU at John Peter Smith Hospital after she was hit by a car in the 8000 block of Boat Club Road in north Fort Worth. Ashlee Aguilera, a student at nearby Boswell High School, was playing this popular driving/running game with friends. She suddenly ran across this busy four lane road and was accidentally hit by a 26 year old man. Thankfully, she is expected to fully recover.

OK, I hadn’t heard of this game before. I grew up watching this TV show in the 60’s and love the movie starring Harrison Ford. But today, groups of “cops” form on social media and drive around at night trying to tag other groups of “fugitives.”

A hospital injury-prevention outreach coordinator in Fort Worth that she had seen other injuries caused here while kids played the game and that it is “extremely dangerous.” In Arizona last year, a young man died after he fell out of a speeding truck. The father in me, not to mention the personal injury attorney, thinks that this activity should be outlawed immediately.
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How could this happen? A precious seven-month-old toddler was killed in his stroller after a red Toyota pickup truck ran into him and his father as they waited at South Cooper and California Lane in Arlington around 9:00 a.m.. The baby boy, David Bingenheimer, tragically died at the scene.

This horrible story took place on Thursday morning when the boy’s father, 28-year-old Daniel Bingenheimer, had just left a convenience store and was standing on a sidewalk waiting to cross the street. A red pickup truck, traveling south on Cooper, crashed into a white Chrysler sedan in the process of making a left turn onto California Lane. The collision propelled the truck in the direction of Daniel and David Bingenheimer. Both were struck.

Witnesses to the event heard a loud bang and rushed outside to see what had happened. They saw the crumpled stroller in the middle of the street and Daniel “crying and going crazy” as he held his son in the median. One of the witnesses went to find his office manager, who knows CPR.
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The suspect in a Saturday morning hit-and-run accident was arrested late yesterday while attempting to leave the country.

Omar Mohammed, 25, was boarding a flight to Jordan when he was arrested by the Arlington Police Department at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Terry Pinkston, 73, was hit early Saturday while walking in the 2400 block of Ascension Boulevard in North Arlington.

Due to his serious injuries, Mr. Pinkston spent five days at John Peter Smith Hospital before being discharged Wednesday.
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The Dallas Morning News reported on the new suit I filed and mentioned here.


The family of a comatose teen who was injured in a chaotic Burleson wreck that left four dead is suing the 16-year-old driver, his parents and a Cleburne company.

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