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Every year at Thanksgiving we express our gratitude for all of life's blessings. There are so many things we are grateful for. We are blessed to have such wonderful clients and team members.  We are grateful that we can do what we love -- helping the victims of car and truck collisions - in a wonderful city in a great state in an amazing country. To show our gratitude, our firm enjoys giving back to our community throughout the year.

Which special charity we chose this Thanksgiving

While most of us will have plenty of food to eat tomorrow and will be safe and warm with our families, there are sadly many people in Tarrant County who don't know where they will eat or sleep. Our North Texas cities are not immune from poverty, homelessness, and mental health issues. It is heart-breaking that over 2,000 people live on the streets of Fort Worth. That is why we are supporting the Union Gospel Mission, a remarkable Christian organization.

Press Release The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that William K. Berenson in Fort Worth has been selected for inclusion into its Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers in Texas. This is an honor given to only a select group of lawyers for their superior skills and qualifications in the field.  Membership in this exclusive organization is by invitation only and is limited to the top 100 attorneys in each state or region who have demonstrated excellence and have achieved outstanding results in their careers in either civil plaintiff or criminal defense law.

Berenson Injury Law's year in review

This photo from a lawsuit we are working on aptly depicts 2020. Between the coronavirus, economic hardships, political turmoil, street protests, and environmental disasters, by the end of the year we all felt battered and bruised. The year seemed like a never-ending series of horrific high-speed pileups caused by extremely drunk guys in enormous trucks. And to make matters worse for thousands of people, car and truck wrecks continued unabated in North Texas. When the quarantine forced many people to stay home, there should have been fewer collisions. Unfortunately that didn't happen. And ironically, with roads being less crowded, some idiotic drivers chose to go even faster and cause ever more injuries and fatalities. In mid-March, our staff immediately switched to working remotely. Because of these setbacks, we worked harder than ever. Our claims manager, who has been doing a fantastic job here for 13 years, had already been working virtually for many of them and is an IT guru. So we never missed a day in the transition. Mr. Berenson came to the office every day and was one of the only people in his building. When we met clients, we all wore masks and distanced. We were well aware that 2020 was the worst year to be in a vehicle crash because
  • Injured victims were quarantined, lost jobs or hours, and hurt not just physically but financially;
  • Hospitals and doctors were closed or overwhelmed by the virus; if someone could be seen there, they feared getting Covid-19;
  • Schools were closed and many children were home, so injured people could not leave for medical treatment;
  • Courts closed in March and jury trials have still not resumed; and
  • Insurance companies were slower and harder to work with than ever.
We knew that the need for high quality, fast, and caring legal services was greater than ever before.

Fighting for our clients

We achieved many positive results including
  • resolving a lawsuit for $950,000 against an out-of-state company whose employee crashed into the truck driven by an elderly man and his wife; they netted $523,000 after legal fees, expenses, and medical bills of $52,000 after their balances were reduced by Medicare;
  • settling a lawsuit for a confidential sum against a world-wide delivery company whose 18-wheeler crashed into a man and woman;
  • resolving a lawsuit for a total $130,000 for the widow of a man who tragically lost his life when his truck was hit by a drunk driver in Fort Worth. We made the drunk's liability company pay the maximum amount of $30,000 even though he was excluded from the policy, then obtained the total available of $100,000 from the couple’s insurance company, with the widow recovering $88,000;
  • settling a claim against a tractor-trailer company for $178,000, with two women and their daughters receiving $120,000;
  • resolving the claims of a woman crashed into by an intoxicated driver in Houston for the maximum of $100,000; she netted $62,500;
  • settling the case of a man walking along Interstate 20 at night for the maximum of $100,000 (the final amount has not been resolved due to a Medicaid lien);
  • suing a major bus company after settling a claim for the maximum $100,000 available on behalf of a man who lost part of his arm in a bus/truck collision (that truck is pictured above), with our client netting $65,200 to date;
  • suing an extremely intoxicated business executive who seriously injured our client and took the life of another man; and
  • resolving three tragic wrongful death cases, two involving young people, in the past three months.
We are in the process of filing two new lawsuits against 18-wheeler companies, one against the tractor-trailer company and driver in this interstate crash that caused our client to be seriously injured. Supporting our community Mr. Berenson believes that few things are as important as being engaged in the community, and even more so during these difficult times. He donated to, sponsored events, and/or served on the boards of directors of some of his favorite causes including these non-profit organizations:
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD),
  • Tarrant County Food Bank,
  • Fort Worth Independent School District,
  • Cowtown Marathon,
  • Meals on Wheels,
  • Humane Society of North Texas, and
  • Texas Trial Lawyers Association

Teaching the public and advocating for safer roads

Berenson Injury Law published numerous informative articles about the latest laws, cases, and events that affect collision cases. We were honored when the State Bar of Texas chose multiple posts for its weekly Top Ten list. Here are some of the most popular ones from 2020:
Auto and truck crashes:
How a Texas personal injury case is affected by Covid-19 10 ways to stop drunk driving crashes Stronger car safety laws to be enforced? Most surprise medical bills will finally end Eggshell plaintiff cracked in Texas?
Commercial truck collisions:
Fatal truck crash damages rejected by Supreme Court  Key federal regulations for 18-wheelers How American's trucker shortage is making our highways more dangerous Fatal commercial truck crash in Texas: what to do 18-wheeler drivers taking dangerous opioid drugs? DOT to finally test

Our client reviews

Last, but by no means least, we were gratified that all of our clients were very happy with our legal services. We were proud to receive 88 5-star reviews just on Google last year. Here are the latest five: ★★★★★   “Mr. Berenson and his team is very professional and supportive. They worked so efficiently even during the Covid and got my settlement with car insurance company within one month after I contacted them.” -Lihe ★★★★★  “Mr Berenson and his team has been awesome… Covid 19 did not slow them down, they did everything possible to get the best settlement as possible. They treated me as a friend and made the journey so easy.” -Adele ★★★★★   “From start to finish this has been one of the best experiences I have had with any company… Bill has gone above and beyond for me and fought hard to get more than I could have imagined! Overall great friendly and professional staff that will get the job done!” -Shane ★★★★★  "This Law group was by far the best I’ve seen... I felt that they were diligent and did a very good job!!" -Garrick ★★★★★   “From the very first first day, Mr Berenson and team mates were quite supportive. Kept me updated every tiny details of the case . Always treated like a friend taking care of a friend… Mr Berenson helped me financially. It was beyond expectation that he helped me twice with a loan without interest... I would like to thank all team mates and Mr Berenson from my heart. I would recommend every one to contact Berenson Injury law firm at the time of need . They are the best and you all will get quite amicable behavior personally and professionally.” -Dinesh Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us the honor and privilege of representing you. Our goal is to provide the best service and most compassionate attention to each client.

Our hope for 2021

As Mr. Berenson begins his 41st year advocating for his clients and the driving public, he wants to try to make it a better world. He just had his first grandson several weeks ago and loves this photo. His client had been hit by a tractor-trailer and had come in just before the pandemic began to get his settlement check with his cute little boy. Mr. Berenson hopes and prays that the vaccines take hold as soon as possible and that they help restore normalcy and decency to Fort Worth, the United States, and the world.

Bill Berenson Listed For Seventh Year In a Row

FORT WORTH, TX -  Berenson Injury Law is pleased to announce that The National Trial Lawyers has selected William K. Berenson for inclusion in the seventh annual list of the Top 100 Civil Plaintiff Trial Lawyers. Attorneys chosen have demonstrated superior legal achievements and shown to possess premier qualifications. The invitation-only list is decided after a thorough analysis including peer nominations and third-party research.

About Berenson Injury Law

Berenson Injury Law represents clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout Texas, primarily in motor vehicle collision injury and death cases.

Mr. Berenson has represented injured victims and their families for 40 years. He is an experienced trial lawyer who has been certified since 1992 by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law. Berenson has been involved in high profile legal matters including an appeal to the United States Supreme Court challenging the results of the 2000 presidential election, the controversial “Affluenza” case, and others.

Berenson Injury Law enjoys a long track of success and has been recognized with numerous awards. Berenson has been practicing throughout the state of Texas since 1980 and has secured numerous verdicts and settlements in excess of one million. He has also run a marathon in every state in the country and several others in his 50s and 60s.

For more information, please contact Berenson Injury Law at 1-888-801-8585 or complete this form.

I have been attending the Advanced Personal Injury Law seminar sponsored by the State Bar of Texas this week. Yes, it is a webinar. So much of an attorney's life is virtual these days, filled with court hearings, mediations, and client and attorney conferences that are conducted on Zoom or Skype. I go to the three day program put on by the State Bar or by the Texas Trial Lawyers Association each year to stay current with the latest laws, cases, and techniques and attend other seminars  throughout the year. Some of the subjects we are studying this week are
  • Recent decisions from the Texas Supreme Court
  • Trial and appeal procedures
  • Vehicle and tractor-trailer crashes
  • Dram shop (suing bars and restaurants which over serve customers who cause collisions)
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists benefits
  • Brain injuries
  • Liens and subrogation claims
  • Settlement demands
  • Medical expenses
  • Rideshare (Uber and Lyft)
  • ATV/UTV wrecks
  • Probate issues
  • Product liability
          OK, the break is over. Back to class.

Goodbye 2010s

It is hard to believe that another decade is coming to an end. My, how time has flown, right? As an example, Mr. Berenson was attending the board of directors meeting and annual convention of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association downtown at the Hilton Hotel last month. He loves history and old photographs and spotted this one that captured President Kennedy's last morning in front of the hotel. Mr. Berenson still vividly remembers JFK's death being announced to his fourth grade class in Nashville in 1963. The photo is a stark reminder that you never know what the future will bring.

Another outstanding year

2019 has been another great year for our firm. We worked tirelessly representing several hundred injured North Texans to get them the compensation they deserved. More information about some of those lawsuits and claims is here. The best part of the year has been getting to know so many wonderful people. And we are delighted that they all reported that they were very happy with their results. Thank you to our wonderful clients for allowing us the privilege of representing you and for writing all of those 5-star reviews. For example, here is a typical one written by a very nice woman from Dallas: ★★★★★ Very good lawyer, excellent work team, they treat you like family and fight for the right thing for you, I am very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend them! More reviews are here (for those people who have been injured in a collision and are researching a car accident lawyer).

Community service

Mr. Berenson has spent many hours and devoted substantial resources into his favorite community projects, especially education, nutrition, and fitness. Among other activities he
  • donated to and delivered for Meals on Wheels and donated to the Tarrant Food Bank,
  • donated to and served again on the advisory board of directors of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (and placed third in MADD's 5K race because it was such a small one),
  • mentored and gave out Christmas presents to the elementary school he adopted 15 years ago, and
  • sponsored the Cowtown Marathon's C.A.L.F. race for children.

Information for the public

From new laws that affect North Texas drivers to how to  win trials and obtain the biggest out of court settlements, we have posted useful articles to inform the public about car, truck 18-wheeler, motorcycle, and pedestrian crash cases - the only cases we handle. We stay on top of the latest legal cases and developments. Many other posts are here.

Car and truck collisions

1. Texas car accident laws to know after crash 2. Red Light Cameras Legal: Texas Supreme Court 3. Vision Zero adopted to end Fort Worth car crash deaths 4. How to win mediations 5. Texas UIM benefits to be easier to collect: new decision

Commercial truck crashes

1. Key federal regulations for 18-wheelers 2. Fatal commercial truck crash in Texas: what to do 3. Tractor trailer crashes have to be stopped 4. How America's trucker shortage is making our highways more dangerous 5. How good truck accident investigation can win case

Looking forward to the 2020s

Mr. Berenson is excited that 2020 marks his 40th year practicing personal injury law in Fort Worth. He will keep fighting for injured Texans. Based on the crazy way that people drive, he expects that it will be another busy year for his firm. And we are working up several catastrophic crash cases for trial. Mr. Berenson will also continue to support North Texas. He believes he has an obligation to give back to the community. He and his team will also keep blogging about issues that affect the safety of drivers and advocate for change. We will discuss the future of DFW's transportation in our next post. Who knows what North Texas traffic will look like in the years ahead?

Happy New Year from the Berenson Injury Law. 

I joined several hundred people on Saturday morning at the national headquarters of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Las Colinas for its signature event, the Walk and Dash Like MADD. We were there to pay tribute to those who had lost their lives in driving while intoxicated crashes, increase public awareness of this epidemic, and raise money. The comraderie was strong as families displayed photographs and personal displays, rebuilt motorcycles, and other memories of their loved ones. Families held hands and walked and ran several miles together. A Dallas City Councilman eulogized a former city councilwoman and her daughter who were recently killed in a DWI crash. There was also a driving simulator that showed how easy it is to crash your vehicle if you are distracted, another deadly problem that has taken over our highways.

Berenson Injury Law is a proud supporter of MADD 

Our firm was a Champion Supporter of the event. We have sponsored past Walks Like MADD and I have served on the advisory Board of Directors for several years to support the organization and the victims of drunk driving and their families. I also donated four $50 gift cards to the top runners to encourage runners to come out to race. On a personal note, I ran my first race in several years after being injured so I was pleased to finish third in the 5K race (especially since I was the oldest person running). Scott Murray, the long-time sports announcer, presented the awards. My law firm knows first hand the horrors of DWI collisions as we have represented injured victims and their families over the past nearly 40 years. We have filed lawsuits and recovered damages from drunk drivers and the bars and restaurants that over served them alcohol.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious public health crisis

These numbers are, well, MADDening:
  • Almost 11,000 people lost their lives last year in the United States in a drunk driving wreck.
  • That's one person every 48 minutes.
  • Locally, 90 people in the Metroplex died in over 5,000 of these collisions last year.
  • DWI crashes are the leading cause of death in road collisions.
  • They affect two out of three Americans during their lifetimes.
As you can see, being crashed into by a drunk driver can happen to any one in the blink of any eye. Fortunately, the number of fatalities has been cut in half since the organization was started by the mother of a young woman who died in a DWI wreck in 1980. Berenson Injury Law is proud to support MADD achieve its goal of No More Victims. We are committed to helping the victims of all motor vehicle collisions, especially these, receive the compensation and justice they deserve.  

.... and who shot J.R.?

Berenson Injury Law has filed suit on behalf of a husband and wife who were seriously injured when they were rear ended by a commercial vehicle on Interstate 35. Both could have died. They suffered multiple fractures, had to undergo surgeries and extensive physical therapy, and have a very difficult time recovering from their massive injuries. The young commercial driver admitted that he looked away and didn't notice the traffic in front of him slowing down. We intend to prove that he was texting while driving in violation of state and federal laws. We look forward to fighting for our clients and getting them the compensation they deserve.

The two Dallas County Court buildings

The lawsuit was filed in Dallas County in the building on the right. But we used this photo which also includes the original "Old Red Courthouse" because many people -- including those who watched the blockbuster series "Dallas" from the late 70's through the early 90's-- may think that is the real district courts building. Here is more information about its beautiful architectural details. "Old Red" is now a museum that showcases the history of Dallas, both real and virtual. The white Stetson hat J.R. Ewing wore is prominently displayed. OK, so how many of you can still remember the answer to the sizzling question of "who shot J.R.?"

We can help you

Berenson Injury Law has filed many lawsuits against companies and their negligent drivers over the past nearly 40 years. We are going to hold the company and its driver accountable for the enormous damages they have caused our clients. In addition, we want other businesses to hear about substantial court verdicts and settlements and be motivated to hire better drivers, more effectively train and supervise them, and quickly terminate the bad ones so that we drivers are safer on our highways. Please contact us if you have any questions about your collision case.

Berenson Injury Law has donated $2,500 to help the Humane Society of North Texas free animals from their severely overcrowded cages, just in time for Independence Day. This offer to pay adoption fees for all of their small animals is valid tomorrow from noon to 6 p.m. The Humane Society is located near downtown Fort Worth at 1840 East Lancaster Avenue.
The animals have been inspected and treated by vets and are healthy. This organization has worked diligently since 1905 to end animal homelessness and cruelty in our area. Our firm also sponsored an open adoption a year ago before Christmas there. Your new best friend is waiting for you. Please help us find these neglected animals their forever homes!
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