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Yesterday I attended my first Mothers Against Driving Advisory Board meeting in Dallas. As a long-time supporter of MADD, I am glad to be able to work closer with this worthwhile organization so we can prevent drunk driving in Dallas-Fort Worth.

This is crucial. DWIs are far too common. There were over 4,000 crashes caused by drunk drivers in Dallas and Tarrant Counties last year. Tragically they took the lives of 139 people and injured over 3,000 people. This has got to stop.

Just since Saturday night, the news media reported that

This board provides direction and support to MADD, the only group trying to stop these senseless deaths and injuries.  Continue reading

The Fort Worth Walk Like MADD on Saturday was a painful but hopeful morning.

There were memorials left and tributes paid to those who lost their lives or have been injured due to driving while intoxicated collisions in our area.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is the only organization that fights to keep our roads safer by eliminating DWI crashes. It has helped reduce the number of drunk driving deaths by one-half since it was started in 1980 by the mother of a young woman who was crashed into by a DWI driver.

The parents of a man who died in a tragic motorcycle crash in Fort Worth obtained the total from two insurance policies. Their son was test riding a Honda when another car pulled out in front of him in Fort Worth. He had no time to react and was killed upon impact.

But the other driver’s insurance company refused to honor the claim, claiming its driver was not at fault, there was no proof of conscious pain and suffering, and other ridiculous excuses. I was about to take the case to court to court when the company paid the full amount. Its insured driver had no assets that could be seized for a further recovery of money so there was no reason to file a lawsuit.

We had also located an under insured motorist policy owned by a family member, but again the company resisted payment due to an alleged lack of coverage, etc. We prevailed again. The parents netted $150,000.00. But no amount of money could ever replace their wonderful son and this kind man.

Review written by clients

The man’s parents, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Colorado, were happy with our service and I was humbled by their Google review:

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I will be attending Mother Against Drunk Driving’s first annual seminar for personal injury attorneys this afternoon. This is designed to teach how we can more effectively represent injured people in drunk and drugged collision cases. It is being held at the national MADD headquarters in Las Colinas.

Some of the topics being discussed include

  • Investigating crash scenes and obtaining evidence
  • Working with law enforcement, prosecutors, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
  • Evaluating and prosecuting a dram shop case (where a bar or restaurant over serves a customer)
  • Suing other responsible companies
  • Resolving evidentiary problems
  • Counseling victims and their families
  • Utilizing available resources

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In January a brother and sister were driving on the north side of Fort Worth when a young man ran a stop light and crashed into their car shown here. They went to the emergency room the next day and were diagnosed with strains and sprains of their necks and backs. They were then treated by a chiropractor.

My firm just resolved their claims for the full amounts of the drunk driver’s insurance policy of $60,000.00. I was going to file a lawsuit if the company continued to balk. We then slashed my clients’ medical bills, legal fees, and expenses and today they received $35,600.00.

Now we are proceeding to obtain additional funds from their underinsured motorists policy. I only wish that we could have proved a dram shop case against a bar or restaurant if we could have proved they had over served the drunk.

This is hardly the largest case we have handled in the past month but is discussed to show what a personal injury lawyer does on a daily basis — to get the maximum compensation for injured people.

The clients were pleased with our services. The young woman graciously wrote this five star review:

Mr.Berenson worked on my case and both me and my brother were pleased with the outcome. Thank you again Mr.Berenson for the outstanding job and we will definitely tell others about you.

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Berenson Injury Law is pleased to recover $1,525,000 on behalf of a woman from Pennsylvania who was injured in a collision in Fort Worth.

She was a passenger when her SUV and other vehicles were rear-ended on I-35 by this 18 wheeler.

She suffered numerous injuries and fractures but fortunately has recovered.

On January 27, 1982 I opened my own law practice after several years working for a large Fort Worth firm.

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long but the time as flown as I’ve devoted myself fighting for the rights of injured people, especially those who have been hurt in collisions with tractor trailers or intoxicated drivers.

My firm has occupied the same office in the River Plaza Tower on University Drive. Here’s a photo showing the beautiful view overlooking the Trinity River, Fort Worth Zoo, and downtown that I never get tired of. Good thing since the office has become my second home!

I decided to specialize in personal injury law knowing that it would be difficult and require a lot of work. I became board certified in personal injury trial law 23 years ago. I had practiced other areas of law but enjoyed taking on big insurance companies. I relished solving the myriad legal, medical, insurance, and financial problems that are caused by being in an automobile or truck collision.

In the last 35 years, I’ve represented thousands of victims, including several in high profile lawsuits like the Affluenza Teen case. I’ve devoted myself to every client, whether catastrophically injured or one suffering from a cervical or lumbar spine sprain, Each client is important and gets the same professional attention.

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Berenson Injury Law is proud to announce that attorney Bill Berenson has been honored as being one of the three best injury lawyers in Fort Worth for the fourth year in a row.

Three Best Rated® is a national rating service that recognizes the very best professionals and businesses in cities across the United States. This organization researches candidates using a comprehensive list of sources to give consumers the best advice on who they should choose.

Information used includes customer reviews, satisfaction, complaints, performance, ratings from other reputable directories, history, experience, trust, reputation, and cost.

As this crazy 2016 draws to a close,  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my wonderful clients who have given me the privilege of representing them.

It’s been a very successful year for us at Berenson Injury Law. I am proud that we have resolved several cases for more than one million dollars and successfully achieved good recoveries of money for well over 100 other people.

We have helped thousands of injured car and truck wreck victims over the past 36 years. We have fought to get our clients the compensation they deserve.

Since we have many good injury lawyers with good credentials and experience in Fort Worth and Dallas, how do you know who is the best one for your case?

How To Decide

That’s easy. Google him or her. And look at other rating sites like Better Business Bureau,, AVVO, Yellow Pages, and Yelp to see what his past clients have said about his service, ability, and results achieved.

It’s a mistake to rely on deceptive TV commercials or one random friend for a referral. Last year, I sued and took a judgment against a Fort Worth attorney who had been recommended to my young clients and then stole their entire $60,000 in settlement funds.

You should meet (or at least call) the attorney. Ask questions and see if the lawyers answers them and if you are comfortable with his style. Meet or call others. The first visit or telephone call will be free so you’ve got nothing to lose.

I am honored that my law firm has received over 400 five star reviews from past clients and fellow attorneys.

In one, where we recently settled a contested car accident case for the entire $250,000.00 available from the insurance company for the negligent driver and then obtained the full $32,500.00 available from my client’s insurance policy, my client graciously wrote this:

 I can’t thank Bill Berenson enough for his help on my case. His experience in the field and caring personality is what you should look for as someone representing you on the case to help you get what you deserve from an accident.

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