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Welcome back teachers and students!

Today is the first day that some students were finally allowed to return to Fort Worth schools. This included the first graders at Rufino Mendoza Elementary. It has been my sincere pleasure to adopt this school on the North Side for many years. I hope our opening day with the new safety requirements went well. I wanted to thank the pandemic-weary teachers and staff and make sure that they had a lunch to get them off to a good start.


I have supported the school by

  • purchasing cleaning supplies and disinfectant for each classroom,
  • buying lunches, snacks, and books and throwing parties,
  • buying t-shirts and clothes and conducting an annual “Angel Tree” holiday gift project,

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Berenson Injury Law proudly donated to three of its favorite non-profit organizations today. Their budgets have unfortunately been slashed due to the pandemic.

Humane Society of North Texas

This wonderful organization has been a great place for North Texas residents to go to adopt dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. Just in the first three months this year, it arranged over 3,200 adoptions and investigated 200 acts of animal cruelty. That’s remarkable.


Drunk driving is a huge problem here, even during the pandemic

Drunk driving wrecks are the number one cause of fatalities on our Texas roads. They are usually high speed collisions often caused by immature men driving huge pickup trucks. Like almost every vehicle collision, they are 100% preventable.

As a personal injury lawyer who has specialized in motor vehicle collisions for over 40 years, Bill Berenson has represented far too many victims of drunk driving wrecks, including the horrific “affluenza teen” case where his client was tragically paralyzed for life and four people tragically died.

TAFBBill Berenson donated 2,500 meals yesterday to the Tarrant Area Food Bank to help support its largest-ever distribution.

TAFB served 1,500 families which had lined up at Dickies Arena. Members of the Texas Air National Guard loaded dairy products, meat, and dried food into each vehicle.

And as if that were not great enough, TAFB was also providing food at four other locations around Fort Worth.


It is great to see so many cyclists, runners, and walkers getting exercise and fresh air on the Trinity Trails in this horrible pandemic. So it upset me to read that a serious Fort Worth bicycle accident just happened there. This treasure has 90 miles where you can ride, run and walk without fear of being hit by a car or truck. It is one of my favorite things about our wonderful city. Since I have trained for 58 marathons and several 100-mile bike rides, live nearby, and have seen it out of my office window which overlooks the trail for nearly 40 years, it feels like a second home to me.

How did this Fort Worth bicycle accident happen?

On Saturday Jerry Heaton had been running on the new foot bridge near Pappasito’s when another runner approached him. But it was so muddy that the other runner suddenly moved to his left without looking behind him. A cyclist who was riding too fast hit that runner and threw him onto Jerry’s leg which caught the fall. Without that, Jerry said that man would have died when he hit the concrete. The cyclist sped away. Jerry had fractured his tibia. Now he is stuck with huge medical bills.

I felt more connected to this terrible story because I was on my Saturday morning long run on the other side of the river. This could have happened to me — or anyone else.

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Bill Berenson has always strongly believed in community service and his law firm again made a donation to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.

Why he supports the Food Bank

This incredible non-profit organization performs so many critically needed jobs here in the Tarrant County area including

  • collecting and distributing food to those in need,
  • providing disaster relief,
  • teaching nutrition education,
  • ensuring that seniors have access to nutritious foods, and
  • helping people apply for SNAP and other government programs

Most of the Food Bank’s items are donated by grocery stores and other partners in the food industry. Companies, individuals and farmers help out tremendously. They have a small army of volunteers who collect, sort, box and carry the food to distribution points across 13 counties in North Texas.

The TAFB distributes perishable items like dairy and produce and also canned fruits and vegetables, rice, and peanut butter. An incredible 26 million pounds of fruits and vegetables were distributed last year. Unsold food is donated so it is not wasted.

The TAFB is top-rated by the Charity Navigator since it gives out almost all (95%) of the money and items collected and keeps its administrative costs to a minimum.

And it was started in 1982 – the same year Mr. Berenson opened his personal injury law firm in Fort Worth. He has maintained his primary office there in the 11-story Westbend One Tower on University Drive overlooking the Trinity River, just down the street from NTFB’s headquarters and warehouse.

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During this catastrophic pandemic, millions of people have lost their jobs. Now many Texans don’t have enough money to buy food for themselves and their families.

Sadly, several of our clients have contracted the virus. Others have told us they can’t even apply for unemployment benefits due to the crush of new applicants.

Mr. Berenson has donated 1,000 meals which will be delivered by Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County.

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Yesterday it was fun going to the school I adopted many years ago to help the Cowtown Marathon. Its staff had come to the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School to give running shoes and socks to many students. I always enjoy being part of this Christmas in January because the children are so excited to get their gifts.

The Marathon pours over $200,000.00 each year into its charitable beneficiary, the Children’s Activities for Life & Fitness (C.A.L.F.) Program. This one-of-a-kind plan teaches our students the value of exercise, hard work, nutrition, and citizenship.

EDITED 2/10/20  The Marathon was just named as the best youth running program in the country by Running USA at the annual conference in Las Vegas this weekend. It was given a prize of $10,000 to invest into the C.A.L.F. Program. Congratulations to its Executive Director Heidi Swartz and her hard-working staff!

The staff goes to a whopping 125 schools and community centers and delivers an incredible 5,000 pairs of shoes and socks to underprivileged children. C.A.L.F. also pays for over 5,000 race registrations. Further, it helps train these kids so they can complete their own special children-only 5K race in late February. This is one of the largest races for youths in the U.S.

Every year, I pay for any child at my school, even their parents and teachers, to enter the race.

Thank you to the Cowtown Marathon for all that you do to help our students live better lives.

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It was a privilege to donate $1,000 to an amazing group called Meals on Wheels. The non-profit provides nutritious food to disadvantaged residents. Caps off to these kind-hearted elves!

Every morning a small army of 5,000 volunteers goes to work to prepare food, staff distribution points, and deliver the meals – at their own expense. They also stay to chat, make sure that these sweet senior citizens are doing well, and perform a safety check. For many recipients, this is their only social contact of the day and they eagerly await the visits. These volunteers are doing the Lord’s work.

Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County prepares and delivers an incredible one million meals a year to local residents. They even provide food for pets.

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