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UnknownMy personal injury law firm works hard to provide great customer service and obtain the best results possible. I’m honored when my clients take the time to write positive feedback. We recently received this review:

“Awesome professionalism. He is the greatest and got me through a rough time.”

Angela, thank you for those kind words. I’m glad your case turned out so well. It was an honor to represent you.

redMotorcycle death yields $200,000, maximum amount available.

The parents of a man who died in a tragic motorcycle crash in Fort Worth obtained the total from two insurance policies. Their son was test riding a Honda when another car pulled out in front of him in Fort Worth. He had no time to react and was killed upon impact.

But the other driver’s insurance company refused to honor the claim, claiming its driver was not at fault, there was no proof of conscious pain and suffering, and other ridiculous excuses. I was about to take the case to court to court when the company paid the full amount. Its insured driver had no assets that could be seized for a further recovery of money so there was no reason to file a lawsuit.

We had also located an under insured motorist policy owned by a family member, but again the company resisted payment due to an alleged lack of coverage, etc. We prevailed again. The parents netted $150,000.00. But no amount of money could ever replace their wonderful son and this kind man.

Review written by clients

The man’s parents, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Colorado, were happy with our service and I was humbled by their Google review:

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In January a brother and sister were driving on the north side of Fort Worth when a young man ran a stop light and crashed into their car shown here. They went to the emergency room the next day and were diagnosed with strains and sprains of their necks and backs. They were then treated by a chiropractor.

My firm just resolved their claims for the full amounts of the drunk driver’s insurance policy of $60,000.00. I was going to file a lawsuit if the company continued to balk. We then slashed my clients’ medical bills, legal fees, and expenses and today they received $35,600.00.

Now we are proceeding to obtain additional funds from their underinsured motorists policy. I only wish that we could have proved a dram shop case against a bar or restaurant if we could have proved they had over served the drunk.

This is hardly the largest case we have handled in the past month but is discussed to show what a personal injury lawyer does on a daily basis — to get the maximum compensation for injured people.

The clients were pleased with our services. The young woman graciously wrote this five star review:

Mr.Berenson worked on my case and both me and my brother were pleased with the outcome. Thank you again Mr.Berenson for the outstanding job and we will definitely tell others about you.

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Quote-1I just got this email from a past client that reminded me why I love to practice personal injury law:

Hi Bill!

Hope all is well with you and your family!

I wanted to send this picture along to you to say thank you yet again for all your help and hard work for our kiddos (the photo is her daughter standing next to a new car).

With the settlement A___ received , she purchased a 2017 Ford Focus. She is attending Texas Women’s University this Fall. The balance of the settlement will fund her tuition.

Thank you again!

D___ P___

Her family’s case

In case you’re wondering what she was writing about, my client’s two children were crashed into by a man driving while intoxicated several years ago. Both only treated at a chiropractor and suffered relatively minor neck and back strains.

I fought to get the children a total of $84,000 before a trial, with them receiving $50,000 after medical expenses that I reduced to only $6,000 and fees. The money was set up in structured annuities to increase their yields and enable a court to approve the settlements since they were minors.

This is an example of what we do here at Berenson Injury Law to get our clients the maximum compensation possible for their injuries.

Continue reading Injury Law has successfully recovered $385,00.00 on behalf of two clients in a commercial vehicle collision. One man received $139,105.00 and the other received $95,504.00 after deducting medical bills (that I reduced substantially), fees, and expenses. The damage to their vehicle from the tractor trailer was relatively minor, they experienced neck, shoulder, and back injuries, and no surgeries were performed, making settlement negotiations harder.

My clients were extremely happy with their recoveries.  One kindly wrote this review on Google:


Bill Berenson Injury Law announces that it has successfully obtained the total available insurance limits of $305,000.00 for our client.USE THIS GIBBS

He was driving in Decatur last year when a van without its lights on crashed into his older Mercedes. Liability was disputed, as the van driver said that his lights were on and that the Mercedes driver failed to yield the right of way at the intersection.

The man had to be rushed by ambulance to a hospital where he spent four days recovering from his serious injuries, including fractures.

Berenson Injury Law has recovered $2.75 million on behalf of the wife, adult children, and mother of a man who died in a collision in Fort Worth on Valentines Day last year.

The man was driving to work early in the morning when his car collided with highway equipment.

After conducting a detailed investigation into what caused the collision and opening an estate in probate court, we filed a lawsuit.

IMG_9306I enjoyed meeting with one of my favorite clients this afternoon to give her the maximum available under her large underinsured motorist policy. I had previously given her the at-fault driver’s maximum automobile liability policy. I was also able to reduce her medical bills by 90% to put a lot more money into her pocket.

She was extremely happy with her outcome and graciously wrote this review:

Recently I was in a car accident resulting in serious injuries. It quickly became a stressful time for our family dealing with the insurance companies and mounting medical bills. We needed help and we found wonderful support from our amazing and caring attorney, Bill Berenson. Since the day we hired him, he took control and handled everything in our case. Bill and his team are absolutely amazing – he got 100% of medical bills paid, handled all insurance claims, and fought and won us a large settlement. I just wanted to share how amazing Bill is and how hard he fights for his clients. If you are ever in a serious car accident – call Bill Berenson. It was the best decision we made to get past this horrible event in our lives. I am so grateful for Mr. Berenson and the incredible outcome of our case.

We at the Berenson Law Firm have been working extra hard to get our clients the maximum compensation they deserve. In the last few weeks, we have successfully resolved these three $100,000.00-plus cases.

1. Tractor Trailer Hits SUV on I-35

My client was driving to work when an 18 wheeler hit his vehicle, forcing him into the concrete barrier. My expert downloaded the tractor trailer’s black box which showed that the truck driver was driving 12 miles an hour over the speed limit in a construction zone. This hard working man, a Navy veteran, had to have shoulder surgery and suffered other injuries. We fought to successfully resolve his case at a mediation before trial.G Mays.jpg Our client was very pleased and graciously wrote this review:

Did an AWESOME job with our case. He worked hard to obtain all the facts and information needed to help our family to get back to normal. He is a true fighter for his clients and dedicated. He is definitely a force of nature when it comes to his clients. I would highly recommended this guy to anyone. His entire team was amazing!

2. Car runs light and hits SUV in Fort Worth

A photographer was turning left at a light when a teenager crashed into her. Three years later, she underwent surgery to her lumbar spine. I took the teen’s deposition and began with “the collision is your fault, isn’t it?” Answer: “Yes.” His lawyer (too late): “Objection.”
I made the insurance company pay the large liability limits of the driver’s father and then substantially reduced my client’s medical bills. I have demanded that her company pay her entire underinsured motorist policy and will file suit if it doesn’t.DSC07183 (Large).jpg

My client very nicely wrote this review after I won an important hearing for her:

Very Happy I was in a wreck several years ago and after my attorney did nothing and then dropped my case I called Mr. Berenson. He took my case very last minute and did a wonderful job. I called him after calling several other attorneys 4 days before I was due in court. I would not recommend anyone have to do it this way, it was very stressful. He agreed to represent me, communicated with me well and kept me very informed. I look forward to continuing to work with him to resolve my case and would highly recommend him to anyone who asked me for a Personal Injury Attorney in the Fort Worth area.

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I am a big believer in going online and doing some research when I need to make a purchase. Finding out how other consumers have liked a service or product is far more informative than reading slick promotional material, tv ads, or pay per clicks at the top of a search page.

Thank you to my wonderful clients for voluntarily writing gracious online reviews, the ones below in the last week.

Five Star Review Lawyer.jpg“I must say I couldn’t be more impressed by Bill Berenson and his team. Very thankful that a friend referred me to him during this extremely stressful chaotic time in my life, I honestly was at my wit’s end with everything happening at once. They handled everything smoothly, very friendly, professionally, and you can definitely feel they care and have your best intrest at heart. I would gladly refer this law firm to anyone going through the crazyness that needs guidance in that right direction and that will fight for you and everything you deserve in this difficult time. I promise you will absolutely NOT be disappointed!!” – Lindsey Peters

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