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Today most of our children are starting or returning to classes and the Berenson Law Offices wants to encourage students, parents, teachers and the community to be prepared so that our students get to school and return back home safely.

I am proud to be the school sponsor of the Rufino Mendoza Elementary School for the ninth year and will be at the school this week to wish the students and teachers good luck with their coming year.

In an effort to prevent injuries or fatalities to students heading back to school, we offer the following safety tips and encourage you to share them with your children, family and friends.

Parents should talk to their children and rehearse potential problems that could arise as they walk or bike to school, get off the school bus, and cross the street. Here are some tips:
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In honor of the Fourth of July on Thursday, we are publishing our Bill of Rights that our clients enjoy at the Berenson Law Offices.

We know that you have been injured, are in pain, and have suffered substantial financial losses. Even as we are fighting the other driver and his insurance company and attorneys to get you the compensation you deserve, we at the Berenson Law Offices will be always be treating you with the utmost of respect and dignity. The Bill of Rights is as follows:

1. You are entitled to be treated under the Bible’s Golden Rule at all times: we will do unto you, the Client, as we would have done unto us. You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times by Mr. Berenson and all personnel here. We want to treat you like family.

2. You are entitled to an attorney who is capable of handling your legal matter competently, diligently, and expeditiously.
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Here’s a heartbreaking story: early this morning in Springtown a fourth grader tripped and fell running for a school bus and was tragically run over. The poor boy, 10 year old Haven Norton, was a student at Springtown Elementary School. It is not clear why the bus driver did not see the boy. My prayers go out to the family.
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The bus driver who caused the triple fatality collision on April 11 has now admitted that he “possibly could have blacked out” before causing the bus to flip over.

Loyd Rieve, 65, originally said that the charter bus might have blown out a rear tire. But according to Sgt. Lonny Haschel of the Texas Department of Public Safety, there was not a mechanical failure.
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A private charter bus taking retired people to a casino in Oklahoma flipped on its side this morning on State Highway 161 (the new President George Bush Turnpike) near Belt Line Road. The bus hit a barrier, careened to the left, hit another barrier, and overturned.

Noone was wearing seat belts, as suggested by a new federal rule passed just last year, and the passengers were thrown in every direction and out of the bus.
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