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Insurance companies are businesses, not charities. Their only purpose is to make a profit, which they do by paying less money to automobile accident victims than the premiums they charge to the drivers who caused them. It’s a racquet.

And sometimes their adjusters get overly aggressive, even ruthless. That’s why you need someone on your side protecting you.

Here are some of the ways I see insurance companies trying to cheat my clients:

Demanding recorded statement immediately after the crash

You were just in a car crash. You might have just been released from the ER and are feeling a lot of pain. You are taking medications that can affect your memory, mood, and sleep. You might not be able to work and are naturally worried about your job, income, medical bills, and your wrecked car.  So this is the worst time you should talk to the at-fault driver’s “friendly” insurance adjuster to answer “a few questions.” He or she knows this and often wants to take advantage of your vulnerability.

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It’s Time We Wake Up to the Risks

You wouldn’t drive after drinking too much, but would you drive after sleeping too little?

For far too many responsible people, the answer is a surprising “yes.”

Getting enough sleep can be a serious challenge. In our fast paced world, many people are perpetually sleep-deprived and yet still have to get to work, pick up their children from school and handle daily tasks.

Sleep is often the first to go when trying to meet life’s demands.

In fact, a National Sleep Foundation survey found that almost one-third of people  are perpetually tired. Only about 30 percent regularly slept more than seven hours a night.

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Interstate Shut Down For Analysis

Police closed I-30 in Rowlett east of Dallas yesterday to reconstruct a fatal auto accident that happened early on New Year’s Day. Commuters were presumably cursing the delay as they drove into work. But it was necessary to determine who caused the crash. Attorneys and investigators were there.

The Importance of Evidence Preservation

The more time that goes by, the greater the chances that critical evidence will be destroyed or altered. Road crews clear the accident debris and rain washes away skid marks. Attorneys for large corporations are called by insurance companies to go to the scene after a crash if a commercial vehicle is involved. Video footage is permanently erased. And witnesses forget details — if they can later even be located. To preserve crucial evidence, a good injury attorney starts investigating the accident as soon as he is retained

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