Fort Worth Motorcycle Case Resolved Successfully

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I just settled a Fort Worth personal injury case for $125,000.00.

The case arose from a motorcycle collision last year when our client’s sunglasses fell out of his pocket at night on a busy street. He drove back and was in the process of retrieving them when he was crashed into by a young woman.The man was thrown off his motorcycle and landed hard on the pavement.

My client had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital with multiple fractures and injuries. Later he had to undergo arthroscopic surgeries to his knee and shoulder. He lost weeks from his job as a mechanic. Fortunately his health insurance company paid most of his medical bills.

The other woman’s insurance company, well known for fighting claims, denied liability. It argued that the man negligently stopped his motorcycle in the middle of the roadway and that its insured could not see him on the dark street to stop in time.

We conducted a complete reenactment of the collision after getting the police to shut down traffic on the road (see photo). We proved that the motorcycle’s brake, hazard, and tail lights should have been seen by oncoming traffic, even though the other driver said that its lights were not on. There were no witnesses, so the case was a swearing match that could go either way. The police report blamed my client. Furthermore, it was a moonless night and my client had been at a bar drinking before the collision.

Even so, I was about to sue the young woman and the company. I knew of course that the case was extremely difficult and could easily result in a zero verdict. Liability was tough, to say the least. And under the new ยง41.0105 of the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code, my client’s medical expenses would have been greatly reduced in the final verdict since his health insurance company paid most of his bills at a much lower rate.

Just before filing suit, the case settled successfully for $125,000. My client was delighted with the results, especially since he did not want to go to court. And this was the second case that we have been privileged to handle on behalf of this fine gentleman in the last seven years.

We fought for our client’s rights to a fair settlement in this case, just as we fight for each of our clients. We believe that accident victims deserve an aggressive advocate on their side.

If you have been a victim of an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident and have suffered injuries, call the Fort Worth Dallas area personal injury law firm of Bill Berenson Injury Law. We have been fighting for our clients for over 33 years. Call us today and let us help you find the path to recovery.

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