New Injury Settlements Announced

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks here. I’ve settled five cases for good money. One was concluded just before trial. Four were automobile/ truck collisions, one involving a drunk who crashed into my wonderful client at 3 pm then fled the scene. The other involved a pedestrian who was struck and critically injured on the side of an interstate. I’ll post more details when I get a chance.

The best part was hearing how pleased my clients were with their financial recoveries. I took one client (and now a friend) to lunch today at a favorite restaurant, The Wood Shed, and I loved hearing him tell me “You’ve made me rich.” (This was their second crash, and their third recovery of money.) Two others said I was “awesome.” No, I said they were the ones who were awesome, going through all of the pain they had endured with such grace.

Please contact my office if you need help with a collision.

Have a great weeekend.

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