Fort Worth Wreck Settled Successfully

I’m pleased that when I just met with a nice college student client to give her a large settlement check, she told me that “I never expected to get this much money! You’re awesome!”

Priscilla’s wreck happened last year near Ridgmar Mall in Fort Worth. She was the pasenger in an SUV that hit another SUV stopped at a light late one night. But property damage was relatively minor, Priscilla wasn’t even listed on the police report (she and her driver were picked up and left the scene) and the driver’s insurance company denied liability. After filing suit and conducting discovery, I proved that Priscilla’s driver was at fault and had been drinking. The case then settled for the maximum amount available.

I’ve been handling motor vehicle collision cases in North Texas llike this one for the past 33 years. They’re the only cases I handle. And I’m proud that 100% of my clients have been pleased with their results and the way they were treated by my office.

If you have been injured in an automobile or truck wreck, please contact my office. I’ll fight to get you the money you deserve.

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