Large Recovery In Worth Car Wreck Case Obtained

The Berenson Law Office is proud to report its latest noteworthy automobile accident settlement of $400,000.00 for a Fort worth woman this week.

Our client’s sports car was rear ended at the Weatherford traffic circle in west Fort Worth in August of 2011. But it was a typically hot day, property damage to both vehicles was minor, the police weren’t called, and both drivers drove away. But as often happens in these cases, my client started getting headaches and neck

Elaine Photo Bill and Client big settlement.jpg

pain a few days later and went later to her PCP, who cautiously diagnosed her with a strain/sprain. She returned to work and treated with him and a physical therapist.

When I was hired one year later, I suggested that this very nice woman needed to be evaluated by a specialist. Unfortunately, testing revealed several small bulging discs in her cervical spine and a neurosurgeon recommended an operation to her neck to relieve her pain. Fortunately she had health insurance and bravely agreed to have the surgery. When the at fault driver’s insurance company made an inadequate settlement offer, I filed suit and forced the company to pay all of the available insurance proceeds. Our client was thrilled, as you can see. Now I am trying to get more money from her underinsured motorist policy.

This recovery is an excellent example of how this firm tirelessly works to help the victims of car and truck collisions. We have a long history of providing excellent advocacy and support to our clients and their families and a few of our results are here.

We specialize in handling car and truck collision cases for clients throughout North Texas and beyond. If you or a loved one has been injured by the careless or negligent acts of another, please contact our offices for a free legal consultation.


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