Our Successful October!

I am pleased to report that this month I finalized 18 collision cases and grossed over $700,000.00 for my clients, including the following wonderful people:

Kathy P. Truck/van, case denied, possible ruptured breast implant – $222,250.00

Judy W. Car/car, fractured foot – 85,000.00 (total proceeds available)

David M. Car/motorcycle, denied, fractured leg – $52,500.00 (total available)

Penny T. Truck/car, head, neck and back sprain – $68,500.00

B. Garrett Pickup/pickup, 5th finger, lumbar disc – $52,500.00 (total available)

Jennifer S, Car/car, cervical surgery – $25,078.00 (total available)

T. family Car/car, 2 adults, 2 children, neck and back strains/sprains – $38,500.00

K. Golden Car/car, neck and back strain – $25,000.00 (total available)

V. Williams Car/car, neck and back strain – $25,000.00 (total available)

G. McGee Car/car, neck and back strain/sprain -$25,000.00 (total available)

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